Blogs January 06, 2021 Issues Impacting Local Real Estate

A recent roundtable of Bay Area real estate principals yielded an insightful discussion of current topics of focus. This article features coverage of discussion centered on the current tax environment and general business concerns.

Blogs January 04, 2021 IRS Temporarily Allows Retirement Plans to Witness Signatures Remotely

The IRS recently provided retirement plan participants, beneficiaries, and plan administrators with temporary relief from the requirement to be physically present for any participant election that is to be witnessed.

Blogs December 17, 2020 Trends Watch: Market Volatility

A conversation with Stefan Heieck of Heieck Verwaltungs GmbH & Co. regarding the outlook for investing in an environment of market volatility.

Blogs December 15, 2020 Esports Industry Continues to Soar with Next Generation Consoles

The future of gaming is looking brighter than ever with the release of next generation gaming consoles. Both Microsoft and Sony have recently released their new, high powered gaming consoles.

Blogs December 11, 2020 Terminating California Residency

This article features points to ponder when terminating residency in California with regard to tax considerations.

Blogs December 11, 2020 401(k) Plan Forfeitures – The Forgotten Funds

Forfeitures are plan assets generally derived from non-vested employer contributions that are forfeited from a participant’s account when that participant terminates employment and is not fully vested. It is essential that plan sponsors and plan admi…

Blogs December 10, 2020 Trends Watch: Alternatives for a Wider Audience

A conversation with Vincent Au of Gondor Capital Management about his very positive outlook for the alternative investment industry.

Blogs December 10, 2020 CFIUS Risks, Export Controls and Economic Sanctions

A recap of the webcast “CFIUS Risks, Export Controls & Economic Sanctions,” focusing on trends associated with trade compliance and the need for buyers, sellers, and investors to understand that noncompliance could result in penalties in amounts of t…

Blogs December 04, 2020 When is a Family Office Right for You?

A recap of a session focused on the question of when the time is right to build a family office – and what tools should you consider when doing so.