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Articles September 17, 2020 The Accommodative Climate for Modifying Bank Loans

Recent guidance given to banks by regulators that has encouraged banks to work with borrowers impacted by the pandemic and consider longer-term strategies when those accommodations eventually expire.

Articles September 15, 2020 Part 1: The Real Estate Family’s Considerations for Success

The uniqueness (and the challenge) of a real estate family is that they are not just a family, but co-owners in a property portfolio and the companies that manage and maintain that portfolio. Both the family and business bonds that tie the family tog…

Articles September 14, 2020 Part 4: More than Transferring a Title: How Do I Successfully Transfer Responsibility and Ownership of My Real Estate Empire?

Decision-making changes when parents decide to pass their real estate portfolio to their family members. If you decide to pass ownership or management to any family members, here’s a discussion of a few things to consider.

Articles September 14, 2020 Part 3: A Dispute Resolution Guide for Real Estate Families

Families owning real estate companies must recognize: Healthy conflict can help build productive, long-term relationships. On the other hand, unhealthy conflicts must be resolved quickly for the family to emerge even stronger and restore harmony. Fam…

Articles September 14, 2020 Part 2: Considerations (or Opportunities) for Growing a Family Owned Real Estate

The family owning a real estate company must make sound decisions about further investment and growth that are not only right for the business, but also for the family. Governance is simply how families decide to make decisions with one another.

Articles September 11, 2020 What’s on the Menu for the Restaurant Industry?

The current state of the restaurant industry under the pandemic, opportunities going forward, various operational models, and the financial assumptions and expectations for success.

Podcast September 10, 2020 The Pandemic’s Impact on Multifamily Investing

Darren Griffith interviews Michael Cohan, of Opus North, a multifamily real estate investment company. Acquisitions, valuations and investor relations are the focus of the discussion.

Blogs September 10, 2020 Trends Watch: Residential Real Estate

A conversation with Chris Jones of Aloha Capital about the outlook for investors in residential real estate.

Blogs September 09, 2020 Real Estate Investment and the Cannabis Industry

A recent article took a look at some of the issues commercial real estate investors are examining surrounding the cannabis industry and included some insights.