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Podcast September 25, 2020 Raising Capital When Everyone Is Scared: Do Investors Really Buy Low?

In this podcast, we look to Julia Mord for her perspective on asset allocation, manager selection, and market conditions.

Blogs September 24, 2020 Q3 Economic Outlook

A recap of the September 2020 webcast “Economic Outlook: What’s Next for the Alternative Investments Industry.”

Blogs September 24, 2020 Trends Watch: New Fund GPs Dealing with Old LP Excuses

A conversation with Warren Lahoud of Famous Capital regarding the outlook for venture capital and private markets.

Blogs September 17, 2020 Trends Watch: Niche Investing

A conversation with Nathaniel Polachek of Yieldpoint Stable Value Fund, L.P. focused on investing within niche funds that transact within a small sub-set of the market.

Blogs September 15, 2020 Considerations for Liquidating a Hedge Fund

A conversation with William Bakker of Double Header Solutions on how funds can seamlessly execute winding down and meeting their investor fiduciary obligations before they move onto their next endeavor.

Blogs September 11, 2020 Financial Services Firms Under Increased Regulatory Scrutiny for Data Protection

A look at the data security concerns for financial services companies, including GDPR, J-SOX, the SHIELD Act and CCPA.

Blogs September 10, 2020 Trends Watch: Residential Real Estate

A conversation with Chris Jones of Aloha Capital about the outlook for investors in residential real estate.

Blogs September 03, 2020 Trends Watch: Private Equity Growth

A conversation with Matthew Gibbons of Manhattan West Asset Management, regarding the outlook for private equity.

Articles September 01, 2020 Q3 2020 - A Snapshot of the Aircraft Leasing Industry in Ireland

A disussion on why, when someone requires an Irish leasing platform, or aircraft special purpose company (“SPC”) to be established, Ireland is normally the first jurisdiction that they will evaluate to see if it will work for their structure, investo…