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Blogs September 10, 2020 Trends Watch: Residential Real Estate

A conversation with Chris Jones of Aloha Capital about the outlook for investors in residential real estate.

Blogs September 09, 2020 Real Estate Investment and the Cannabis Industry

A recent article took a look at some of the issues commercial real estate investors are examining surrounding the cannabis industry and included some insights.

Articles August 25, 2020 Tax Trap Resulting from Debt in an IRC Section 1031 Exchange

This article examines the issue of debt boot on relinquished and replacement properties, which can create a ‘tax trap’ for taxpayers using IRC Sec. 1031 exchanges.

Blogs August 19, 2020 How to Effectively Strengthen Your Real Estate Back Office

The need to have comprehensive, documented procedures and controls for a real estate entity’s back office in order to facilitate a remote workforce, proper risk management, cost containment and more.

Webinars | Webcasts August 18, 2020 On-Demand Webcast: Financial Opportunities in Clean Energy

Our panel of experienced real estate leaders and clean energy experts will discuss the programs available and the benefits to the financial plans of building owners and operators.

Articles August 17, 2020 The Impact of Phantom Income on Debt Modifications

A look at modifying real estate debt terms and the possible unexpected tax consequences to both lenders and borrowers, such as the impact of phantom income.

Webinars | Webcasts August 12, 2020 On-Demand Webcast: The Path Forward for Hotel Owners & Asset Managers

Panelists explain issues that hotel investors need to consider as they plan for the future. These include hospitality performance review and industry outlook, hotel valuation in a distressed cycle, cash management and asset preservation best practic…

Blogs August 07, 2020 U.S. Property Transactions Slow Amid Pandemic

Uncertainty due to COVID-19 continues to plague U.S. property transactions in the new normal, but there are positive signs that deals can and will be made during these challenging times.

Blogs August 07, 2020 Syndicated Conservation Easements Still a Priority for IRS

A discussion of the IRS treatment of syndicated conservation easements, including Oakbrook Land Holdings LLC v. Commissioner.