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Podcast October 12, 2020 Mitigating Fraud Risk in Real Estate during the Pandemic

Carol Surowiec and Nelson Luis discuss the increased vulnerabilities, and offer ways to mitigate these risks.

Articles October 09, 2020 Early Lease Terminations Due to Transitions to a Remote Workplace: Tax Considerations

There are several tax considerations that need to be analyzed and understood when early lease terminations are contemplated, both by landlords currently leasing space to tenants that may be terminating their leases and tenants considering early lease…

Webinars | Webcasts October 07, 2020 On-Demand Webcast: Foundations for the Future--Strategic Roadmap for Real Estate Families

Our speakers will discuss ways you can create a strategic real estate family plan that can help you to both survive in a tough market and take full advantage of the better times to come.

Blogs October 06, 2020 Jobs Data Suggests Increasing Risk in the Multifamily Real Estate Sector

The multifamily sector in the U.S. is often considered the safest real estate investment. In the current health and economic crisis, while the multifamily sector has continued to perform, there is evidence of systemic stress.

Articles October 05, 2020 Tax Implications of Lease Modifications

Both landlords and tenants contemplating a potential modification to a lease agreement need to carefully analyze and understand the tax implications, including under IRC Section 467.

Blogs October 05, 2020 GAAP vs. Tax: Considerations for Loan Reporting of Real Estate Entities

The pros and cons of GAAP versus the tax basis of accounting when entering into a loan agreement. For example, one key factor is the impact of net operating income on loan reporting.

Webinars | Webcasts October 01, 2020 On-Demand Webcast: Foundations for the Future--Building Bench Strength

Our speakers discussed how real estate families can measure, attract and keep the top talent to support their unique business and family goals.

Podcast October 01, 2020 Not-for-Profit Real Estate Redevelopment Opportunities

In this episode, Candice Meth, Ron Dukes and Patrick O’Sullivan discuss several innovative ways that not-for-profit organizations can leverage their real estate holdings to generate new revenue streams while possibly upgrading their facilities and of…

Podcast September 30, 2020 Planning for Real Estate Families

Join Lisa Knee and Lisë Stewart as they provide a brief overview of the importance of planning ahead and the ways in which this video series is designed to help you, as a business owner, to be fully prepared for your own success!