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Blogs January 17, 2020 Medical Device Tax Repealed

Repeal of the medical device tax, in effect as part of the ACA but under moratorium since 2016.

Blogs November 01, 2019 U.S. Health Care Today: The Industry, its Challenges and Opportunities

Health care concerns, especially for investors, are discussed at the EisnerAmper Family Office Summit.

Webinars | Webcasts May 08, 2019 On-Demand Webinar: Optimizing Patient Revenue

This webinar will explain the issues facing revenue cycle and patient responsibility along with new technologies (EA-Collect) that help alleviate those issues.

Blogs January 14, 2019 Is the Market for CAR T-Cell Therapy One to Watch?

Cancer continues to be one of the leading causes of death globally, and the path to finding the cure is a vast and arduous one. One form of treatment is of particular interest and considered the next pillar of cancer treatment: immunotherapy.

Blogs July 10, 2018 Employment Classification of Home Health Care Aides

Is a home health care aide considered an employee or an independent contractor? The IRS and the Department of Labor makes a big distinction between the two. To follow is an employee/independent contractor test to help with labor and tax law complianc…

Articles April 12, 2018 What's the Outlook for Bundled Payments?

Doctors should not jump to the conclusion that bundled payments are over. While it’s clear that doctors’ voices will be heard more going forward, it’s too soon to expect that the current administration will entirely reverse this aspect of the ACA.

Articles April 11, 2018 High Demand, Low Supply: Physician Recruiting Strategies

While the current physician shortage is expected to worsen for private practices, here are several physician recruiting strategies so when you decide to hire your next physician, you’ll have to be creative and competitive.

Articles April 10, 2018 Controls and Audits Are Key: How to Guard Your Practice Against Fraud

An employees’ financial pressures are outside your control; so is the fact that some of them may be able to rationalize theft. You can control opportunities to commit fraud against your practice and it starts with the following rules and audits.

Articles April 09, 2018 Focus on Employee Benefits: Reduce Your Healthcare Benefits Costs

The ongoing fog of healthcare politics and the complexity of benefits systems have posed big challenges to employers as well as employees. Customized solutions, however, can help meet your staff’s needs while sustaining profitability.