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Articles September 02, 2020 EisnerAmper Q&A with John Corrado, Senior Director of Information Technology, Ovid Therapeutics Inc.

A conversation with John Corrado, Senior Director of Information Technology at Ovid Therapeutics, to talk about moving to a primarily remote workforce from a technical and security perspective and the difficulties that come with making this transitio…

Articles September 01, 2020 An Inside Look at COVID-19’s Impact on Internal Audit at Retail Broker-Dealers

EisnerAmper speaks with Tibyasa Matovu, CAE of Cetera Financial Group, one of the largest independent retail broker-dealers in the U.S., regarding how COVID-19 affected the internal audit plan as well as the organization’s short-term solutions.

Articles August 28, 2020 CFIUS Annual Report to Congress (2019)

The CFIUS recently issued their report for 2019. This article includes key highlights.

Articles August 27, 2020 Update: Business Interruption Claims Due to COVID-19

A discussion, with examples, of the current conversation occurring between business owners, lawyers, accountants, insurance companies – and the courts – regarding whether insurers will pay on business interruption insurance claims on damages related …

Blogs August 19, 2020 How to Effectively Strengthen Your Real Estate Back Office

The need to have comprehensive, documented procedures and controls for a real estate entity’s back office in order to facilitate a remote workforce, proper risk management, cost containment and more.

Blogs August 19, 2020 Insurance Sector Reaping Benefits of Intelligent Automation

An EisnerAmper webcast on the benefits and challenges of implementing intelligent automation in the insurance sector.

Webinars | Webcasts August 18, 2020 On-Demand Webcast: Insurance Transformation Using Intelligent Automation

Speakers from EisnerAmper and UiPath discuss the impact that emerging technologies, like process automation, are having on the insurance community, and best practices for successful deployment and gaining firm-wide acceptance of these technologies.

Blogs August 14, 2020 SEC Registrants: Beware Ransomware

This article takes a look at the types of, and basic defense against, the various types of ransomware. Ransomware is rapidly becoming one of the most popular and formidable types of cyberattack.

Podcast August 13, 2020 Emerging Stronger from the Pandemic

In the final episode of the Remote Workforce Challenges podcast series we highlight some ways for organizations to move forward and emerge stronger.