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Articles September 19, 2019 Q3 2019 - The Singapore Variable Capital Company (“VCC”)

Examination of the VCC, a new Singapore fund structure that will go live by the end of 2019, can be used by fund/asset managers, wealth managers, private equity/real estate/venture capital managers and multi-family offices.

Blogs September 19, 2019 California Punts on Qualified Opportunity Zone (QOZ) Conformity

The California legislative session has ended for the year with no action on Opportunity Zone Fund (OZF) conformity.

Blogs September 19, 2019 Trends Watch: Cautious, but Opportunities are There

A discussion for investors regarding reasons to be cautious, reasons to be optimistic, and passive vs. active managers.

Articles September 18, 2019 Q3 2019 - Growth Equity Update

Insight into and the outlook for growth equity as an asset class.

Blogs September 18, 2019 What’s the Best Basis of Accounting for Your Real Estate Company?

An examination of the factors a real estate entity should consider when deciding upon using either U.S. GAAP or the income tax basis of accounting.

Podcast September 18, 2019 Different Types of Charitable Efforts

In this episode we discuss various types of charitable efforts.

Articles September 18, 2019 Q3 2019 - New Regulations for Fund of Funds Arrangements

Discussion of the SEC’s proposed new rule and related amendments which are designed to streamline and enhance the regulatory framework on fund of funds arrangements.

Podcast September 16, 2019 You Mean Employers and Employees Are Not on the Same Page?

In this episode we discuss employee vs. employer perspectives.

Articles September 16, 2019 High Net Worth Parenting… Raising Children of Character in the Land of Plenty

A Parenting Intent Document outlines the characteristics and skills that parents want their children to develop and display when they are ‘ready to launch.’