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Blogs August 01, 2019 9 Factors Impacting the Taxation of E-Gaming Revenue

Playing video games for an audience, whether for entertainment or professionally, sounds like a far departure from the arcades, consoles and handheld devices with which many of us grew up.

Blogs August 01, 2019 Trends Watch: World Markets; Equities

World markets and equities are becoming more highly correlated and the velocity in markets is ever increasing.

Blogs August 01, 2019 Attention Crypto Investors: Did You Get an IRS Warning Letter?

If you have a position in cryptocurrency, “better safe than sorry” is the mantra. Be sure you speak with your tax advisor regarding any cryptocurrency transactions you have undertaken.

Articles July 31, 2019 The IRS Has Begun Sending Letters to Virtual Currency Owners

Find out the potentially severe consequences of failing to report virtual currency transactions that result in sales or exchanges or ordinary income.

Podcast July 31, 2019 Human Resource Management Diagnostic Model: Maintaining Human Resources

In this episode, we discuss why it is so important to an organization to maintain and protect human resources. Also, how the human resource diagnostic model and developing policies and procedures can assist in maintaining a healthy organization.

Videos July 31, 2019 When it Comes to Token Offerings and Digital Assets, Does the SEC Need New Legislation from Congress or Can it Work Within its Existing Regulatory Framework?

In this segment we discuss some of the obstacles that have hindered approving a Reg A+ Token Offering.

Podcast July 31, 2019 6 Types of Executive Compensation to Consider

Tim Schuster discusses executive compensation, option grants, deferred compensation, fringe benefits and more. He also examines what to be aware of when preparing an executive compensation package.

Blogs July 30, 2019 Emerging Technology Solutions

Blockchain and robotics are emerging technological solutions that could be leveraged to transform the way businesses operate today.

Podcast July 29, 2019 A Sage Look at Employee Benefit Plans

Diane Wasser, Partner-in-Charge of EisnerAmper's Pension Services Group discusses the many tough challenges employee benefit plan administrators face. She also shares her guiding principles and the current state of the pension sector.