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Videos | Webinars January 31, 2020 Indirect Rate Calculations

As a federal government contractor, your overhead rate is essential to maximizing cost recovery. This video series provides an overview of the elements that come into play when structuring overhead rates, and presents examples of how to calculate ove…

Blogs January 31, 2020 Recent Changes to Hawaii Film Tax Credit

Hawaii recently released a number of changes to its film production income tax credit that supersede a number of previously issued pieces of guidance. These relate to travel and entertainment along with verification review procedures.

Blogs January 31, 2020 2020 Super Bowl Observations

A discussion of the financial impact of the Super Bowl on the local and national economy.

Blogs January 30, 2020 Trends Watch: Cannabis

An interview with Vikas Desai, partner at WelCan Capital, regarding the outlook for companies seeking to invest in cannabis and cannabis products.

Blogs January 29, 2020 New Jersey Acts to Tighten Up on Worker Misclassification

Worker misclassification (employee vs. independent contractor) is a serious issue. The State of New Jersey adopted what is known as the ABC Test, and Governor Phil Murphy signed six bills (Assembly Bills 5838, 5839, 5840, 5843, 4226 and 4228) into la…

Blogs January 28, 2020 ULI New York Real Estate Outlook 2020

Insight from Yonatan Binman, Head of Real Estate NYC – Venn and . Brad Greiwe, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Fifth Wall as they discuss the evolving nature of the real estate industry and the impacts of technology.

Articles January 27, 2020 5 Business Consulting Trends for the New Decade

A look at a few key area business consultants might be focusing on in the 2020s and what they need to do to stay ahead of the curve.

Blogs January 24, 2020 Qualified Transportation Fringe Amounts - UBIT Refund Procedures

Notes on claiming a refund or credit in conjunction with the repeal of the unrelated business income tax (“UBIT”) on qualified transportation benefits.

Podcast January 24, 2020 Lessons Learned in a Multi-Family Office

Jonathan Bergman from TAG Associates discusses Lessons Learned in a Multi-Family Office with Tim Schuster and Matt Kerzner.