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Articles February 10, 2020 The Truth About Bankruptcy Fraud

A discussion of the common types of bankruptcy fraud including concealment of assets, undervaluing assets, and credit card fraud—along with the consequences of perpetrating bankruptcy fraud.

Articles February 07, 2020 The Importance of Mitigating, Monitoring, and Managing Shadow IT Organizations

A discussion of ‘shadow IT’ -- computer programs, applications or other related protocols utilized within an entity without explicit organizational approval – and the regulatory, compliance, and financial risks that could result from this practice, a…

Articles February 07, 2020 California Consumer Privacy Act

A discussion of the impact of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and its impact on companies’ responsibilities as they relate to collecting, using, sharing or selling their customers’ personal data.

Articles February 07, 2020 Business Continuity and Crisis Response: What Is Your Plan?

A discussion of the necessity for robust continuity and crisis response plans – reasons why, and steps to take.

Videos | Webinars February 06, 2020 Webinar: Highlights from the 54th Annual Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning

Our speakers will discuss tax planning strategies highlighted at the 54th Annual Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning that can be applied to client situations.

Blogs February 06, 2020 Trends Watch: Digital Assets

A conversation with David Lifchitz, Managing Partner and CIO, ExoAlpha, regarding digital assets and quantitative trading.

Blogs February 05, 2020 Smart Investing in a Mature-Cycle Environment

Attendees at the January Los Angeles Real Estate Principals Luncheon heard the distinguished speakers discuss an outlook for the U.S. economy, that state of capital markets, the threat of an economic slowdown, and what all this means for real estate …

Blogs February 05, 2020 Bay Area 2020 Economic Forecast: Will the Party Ever Stop?

Our San Francisco office hosted a quarterly Real Estate Principals Luncheon where a discussion of economic indicators such as employment, consumer confidence, housing and others underscored the continued strength of the San Francisco Bay Area economy…

Blogs February 05, 2020 A Commercial Real Estate Outlook at NAOIP NJ

A look at the topics covered at the January meeting of the New Jersey Chapter of the Commercial Real Estate Development Association (“NAOIP NJ”). Topics included the economy, incentive programs, and the current status of various types of real estate …