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Articles September 03, 2019 Four Reasons Why Passphrases Are Better Than Passwords

An information technology security update this month featuring the concept of using passphrases over passwords for better data security, malicious files being delivered via Microsoft OneDrive, and lessons you can learn from the recent Capital One dat…

Articles September 03, 2019 Why Group Work?

The article suggests five areas to make change in life and business which include assessment, create accountability for change, join others on similiar journeys, and create family coach.

Articles September 03, 2019 IRC Sec. 199A: Aggregation Election

Aggregation Tests regulations allow both individuals and relevant pass-through entities (“RPEs”) to aggregate provided they meet five tests. These include control, majority, same-year, non-SSTB and connection tests.

Blogs August 26, 2019 Combatting Vulnerabilities in Building Control Systems

How can you combat building control systems attacks? Recommendations include protecting network devices with a firewall, constantly monitoring network traffic for irregular activity, developing patches to the software in a timely manner.

Blogs August 26, 2019 Michael Imber Discusses an Innovative Approach to State Pension Reform

Michael Imber, Managing Director and leader of EisnerAmper’s Public Sector Advisory Services practice, was interviewed about his participation as a member of the Commission and the details of the potential for making in-kind contributions of state-ow…

Blogs August 23, 2019 Four Tips to Effectively Manage Remote IT Teams

We discuss some of the biggest mistakes IT leaders can make when managing dispersed or remote IT teams.

Podcast August 22, 2019 VC Momentum Continues for Q2 2019

Alan Wink examines venture capital Q2 2019 and what’s on tap for the next quarter.

Blogs August 22, 2019 Trends Watch: Questions for Alternatives

A discussion of the need for diversity in the alternatives market as well as the questions managers and investors are facing in the current environment.

Podcast August 21, 2019 Employee Benefits That Are on the Fringe

Tim Schuster examines some examples of employee benefits, who’s using them, and if they’re having the desired result.