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Blogs August 03, 2020 CFIUS and Implications for Fund Managers/Investment Funds

The CFIUS final rules became effective earlier this year. This article outlines these new regulations and their implications for U.S.-based investment funds and private equity funds.

Articles August 03, 2020 A Primer on ACA Protective Refund Claims

The U.S. Supreme Court may soon once again decide on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, giving rise to the possibility of refunds of certain taxes paid. This article will examine the process of filing a protective refund claim.

Podcast July 30, 2020 Financial Considerations During the Pandemic
Blogs July 29, 2020 Mergers and Acquisitions in the Time of COVID-19

The world of M&A has certainly felt the impact of the business downturn, and many dealmakers suddenly hit the pause button when COVID-19 occurred in late Q1 2020. This post touches on discussion from “Mergers & Acquisitions in the Time of COVID-19,” …

Blogs July 29, 2020 Private Equity Valuation Considerations in the COVID-19 Environment

Private equity and venture capital firms have faced a series of valuation challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. This article focuses on content discussed during the recent podcast “Private Equity Valuation Considerations in the COVID-19 Environmen…

Articles July 29, 2020 What You Must Know about the Final Regulations Under IRC Section 250, FDII and GILTI

This article discusses how, for the most part, the final regulations adopt the proposed regulations issued by Treasury in March of 2019 – but there are several notable developments of which you’ll want to be aware.

Articles July 29, 2020 Foreclosures and Debt Restructuring – The Tax Implications

This article discusses the tax implications of foreclosure and debt restructuring and potential exclusions taxpayers may be able to utilize resulting from COVID-19.

Webinars | Webcasts July 29, 2020 On-Demand Webinar: Sales and Use Tax Compliance Insights

This webinar covered both compliance and proactive steps companies can take to mitigate the impact of sales and use tax matters, as well as pursue refunds if eligible.

Blogs July 28, 2020 Trends Watch: U.S Regional and Community Banks

A conversation with Yaron Brook, Ph.D. of BHZ Capital Management regarding investment opportunities in the U.S. regional/community banking sector.