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Blogs January 26, 2022 ESG Considerations for the Manufacturing and Distribution (M&D) Industry

This article takes a look at the growing importance of ESG considerations in the M&D industry, driven largely by private equity investors who request their portfolio companies report and disclose their ESG metrics.

Blogs January 26, 2022 Three Strategies for Providing Professional Growth Opportunities to Employees

Three strategies organizations can implement to provide professional growth opportunities to their employees, including offering transparent communication, creating paths of progression, and implementing individual development plans.

Podcast January 26, 2022 Private Sector Innovation

In this inaugural episode of Government Health Insights, we discuss how the private sector can collaborate with the Department of Veterans Affairs and government agencies.

Blogs January 26, 2022 Opportunities in the Technology and Life Sciences Industries to Improve Organizational Efficiency

A recap of the recent EisnerAmper Digital webinar Tech: Trends in Innovation and Emerging Technologies, where panelists shared their insights regarding specific areas of opportunities in these industries and ways to implement changes toward improving…

Podcast January 25, 2022 Employee Benefit Plans for the Cannabis Industry

In this episode of CannaCast, Eric Altstadter, Partner and leader of EisnerAmper’s Cannabis and Hemp Group, speaks with Jewell Lim Esposito, a Partner at the Law Firm of ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­FisherBroyles about employee benefits plans for the cannabis in…

Articles January 25, 2022 A Punchlist for Real Estate Controllers

A checklist that will give real estate controllers a clear and concise list of specific suggestions for which every controller should integrate into their overall duties.

Blogs January 25, 2022 Where Do We Stand with Taxes and the BBB Plan?

What might opponents of the Build Back Better plan want in order to reconsider their nay votes, and what could this mean for the tax provisions under the plan?

Blogs January 24, 2022 What Is an ESG Company?

This article takes a look at the growing appreciation for ESG policies and why companies may want to try to adhere to these principles.

Articles January 21, 2022 What to Do if Your Civil Court Case Turns Criminal

When providing forensic accounting services for civil litigation, you might discover criminal activity such as unreported income, fraud or embezzlement. Here’s an overview of your reporting responsibilities to the various parties concerned.