Job #940: Global Chief Financial Officer - New York, NY (11-02-18)

  • Job Title: Global Chief Financial Officer
  • Location: New York
  • Salary: Open

Job Description:

The CFO is a Key Business Partner to the President and the Management Team within the entire Troika Mission Group. As such, he/she is responsible for providing, on an on-going basis, accurate and meaningful financial information, which allows the Management Team to understand the Group’s performance and to make appropriate decisions to run the business. He/she is fully responsible to the authorities and must comply with tax, legal and accounting laws and rules of the country.

Key Responsibilities:

Key Business Partner to President, reporting to the board

The CFO partners with the President to conceive and execute the business and financial strategy of the Group defined as part of the 3-year and Annual Plans. He/she ensures that financial controls, accounting routine and management systems operate effectively and ensures that all levels of the Group receive the information required for the proper conduct of the business:

  • Ensures full transparency about the performance of the Group.
  • Provides advice on how to improve the business situation, increase revenue, reduce costs, and accelerate the cash collection from clients.
  • Warns about potential risks and manages them in case they cannot be avoided.
  • Proposes action plans to ensure that the annual financial objectives (P&L and cash) are achieved and executed in coordination with the President and Management Team.
  • Helps develop the agency’s activities/capabilities.
  • Supports Account Teams, Production and other functions on all financial issues, including client negotiations and client profitability.
  • Helps define the most optimal way to deliver services in order to ensure quality to clients and profitability for the agency.

Planning, Controlling and Compliance

  • Ensures the preparation of the Annual and 3-year Plan, Monthly Actual and Quarterly reforecast.
  • Prepares with the President all business and financial analyses/comments shared within the Management Team for the Group.
  • Helps prepare the Client Assessment Report and supports the President and Business Development Director to ensure that the Pipeline Report is updated accurately and on a regular basis (at least weekly).
  • Prepares the Monthly Client Profitability and client dashboards shared with Account Teams.
  • Ensures the delivery of the annual plan especially achieving the EBITDA target.
  • Manages the working capital improvement including the reduction of overdue receivables and WIP, the acceleration of the billing process and the analysis of cash generation.
  • Sets financial policies for the Group and ensures compliance with these policies across the Group.
  • Manages the relationship with external auditors and ensures external audit follow-up.

Client and supplier negotiations

  • Ensures that all contracts are legally and financially sound; this includes working with the legal team to defend the interests of the agency when dealing with clients and suppliers. This requires the ability to make concessions or defend positions without damaging the commercial relationships.
  • Supports Account Teams in client negotiations by providing financial information (pricing, cost of resources and teams, actual and targeted profitability), working and dealing directly with procurement teams as and when necessary.
  • Participates in large or complicated pitches and helps with RFPs in order to protect the Agency interests and help close the deal.

Financial Management

  • Organizes the finance function to achieve smooth running of the day-to-day financial function, providing relevant and effective support to the Management Team and operations.
  • Maintains sound accounting processes and systems to ensure an optimum control of the operations.
  • Improves the speed and accuracy of billings, the profitability of work, and the speed of client payment.
  • Is responsible for coordinating and producing all documentation and declarations required by the local authorities, as well as managing tax risks.
  • Ensures accurate and on time production of yearly statutory accounts, monthly management reporting and analyses, quarterly reforecast.
  • Is responsible for bonus accruals, assessment and payments.
  • Is responsible for cash management and planning.

Finance Team Management

  • Ensures that the finance team receives appropriate professional and job training and supports those taking external professional qualifications. Ensures the preparation of an annual succession plan.
  • Motivates and manages the team members to achieve professional excellence in their job.
  • Ensures that the finance team works to support operations.
  • Is responsible for setting annual objectives to the members of the finance team and for completing their annual performance appraisal.

Key Behavioral Competencies Expected from the CFO:

  • Command skills
  • Composure
  • Conflict management
  • Decision quality
  • Ethics and values
  • Functional / Technical Skills
  • Informing
  • Integrity and trust
  • Negotiating
  • Planning
  • Problem solving
  • Process management
  • Drive for results
  • Global business knowledge

KPIs for CFO to achieve his/her job achievement:

  • Transparency with his operational and functional managers; raises issues as early as possible and with full clarity.
  • Accurate and timely management of statutory reporting.
  • Diligence in revenue recognition and revenue forecasting to ensure optimal resource management and utilization.
  • Audit completion.
  • Clean and fully analysed balance sheet at any time.
  • Identify and train a second in command (Financial Controller) and ensure a succession plan.
  • Internal clients’ satisfaction measured from yearly assessment; President and managers should assess whether they are more efficient in their work with the support of the CFO, or without.
  • Plan for expanded global footprint.

Interested candidates should contact Andrew Bressman at  Please mention that you are a member of EisnerAmper's Friends of the Firm program.  Make sure to include Job #940 in the subject line and to copy Nkrumah Pierre and Isabella Brilliant at on your email.