Job #881: Accounting Associate - New York, NY (8-24-18)

  • Job Title: Accounting Associate
  • Location: New York
  • Salary: Open

Job Description:

The Crisis Text Line looking for an accounting associate who has a good understanding of recording and analyzing accounting and bookkeeping transactions. These tasks will include recording banking transactions, accounts receivables and journal entries in accordance with GAAP. The role would also include maintaining accounting work papers and some analysis of general ledger accounts to verify accuracy of accounting data downloaded into the accounting system.

About Crisis Text Line:

Crisis Text Line has product market fit and impressive organic growth. The company has processed more than 65 million messages in under 5 years. The team is 80+ full-time people (with nearly half of them remote employees). In the next 18 months, all of those numbers will double. The company goal? Help 1 billion people around the world in the next 12 years. Boom.

Crisis Text Line is a tech startup focused on mental health. The company happens to be a not-for-profit- which just means nobody is here for the exit. Every decision made, every hire, every product- it’s about helping people in pain and doing it with greater speed, accuracy, and quality.

What the company is looking for:


  • Self-starter. You can turn on a dime and take initiative. Being bendy flexible to whatever challenges come your way is your life blood.
  • Doer. You get things don Even if you’ve never done something before, you figure it out and make it happen--with a smile. You dig a clean inbox, a clean desk, a solid to do list- because it means you’re making things happen.
  • Details make you happy. You can see the forest and the trees. You are aware of the big picture and excited about getting all the details in line to support the mission.
  • Kind. You are a naturally friendly, other-directed person. People feel good around you because they know you care.

Capabilities & Skills

  • Accounting.  You’re dedicated to your accounting craft, and you have been trained in Accounting with a degree or hands-on experience to prove it.
  • Communication.  You’re no stranger to hard conversations. You can talk to everyone from the CEO to our interns with efficiency and clarity. You communicate powerfully. You organize your thoughts clearly and your writing is persuasive.
  • Accounting Software.  You are no stranger to automating accounting tasks utilizing various applications including Quickbooks, NetSuite, Sage. You slay spreadsheet applications including MS Excel and Google Sheets.
  • Experience. You’ve developed your accounting chops by being detail oriented and proficient in fundamental accounting and bookkeeping. Organization, methodical thinking and neatness is a part of your DNA.

Key Responsibility Areas (KRAs):


  • Record journal entries into accounting system.
  • Record deposits into account system.
  • Assist with Director of Finance with donor tracking and reporting.
  • Reconciliation of general ledger accounts and maintain electronic accounting working papers.

Finance Operations

  • Assist in sending donor letters and individual donor outreach activities
  • Maintain all vendor and accounting workpaper files.

Active Crisis Counselors preferred.  (Non-Crisis Counselors will be expected to complete training and become an active Crisis Counselor within three months of employement)

Interested candidates should send their cover letter, resume and salary requirements to Yvonne Jean-Jerome at:yjean-jerome@crisistextline.orgPlease mention that you are a member of EisnerAmper's Friends of the Firm program.  Make sure to include ACCOUNTING ASSOCIATE - Job #881 in the subject line and to copy Nkrumah Pierre and Jennifer Rosener at on your email.