Friends of the Firm Job: The Better Business Bureau, Accounting Manager and an Interim CFO/CEO.

Job #830: Assistant Controller - Coral Gables, FL (7-12-18)

  • Job Title: Assistant Controller
  • Location: Florida
  • Salary: $110,000 + 30% bonus


  • Bachelor’s in Accounting/similar required
  • Master’s in Accounting preferred but not required
  • CPA preferred but not required
  • Minimum 5 years’ progressive accounting experience (preferably fund accounting)
  • Strong technical abilities including advanced MS Excel functionality
  • Effective communication skills
  • Ability to work well under pressure and maintain highly confidential information with a level head



  • Prepare cash reports (when Assistant Controller is busy)
  • Enter deposits on QuickBooks & prepare deposits for the various bank accounts
  • Cut Accounts Payable checks & file paid invoices
  • Prepare payroll and schedules (bi-weekly)
  • Prepare 401k schedule, online payments and update schedules (bi-weekly)


  • Prepare monthly closing and mail invoices to the Portfolio companies and in-house personnel
  • Mail accounts receivable statements
  • Prepare bank reconciliations
  • Prepare Investment Allocation Expense report
  • Update NTB/JPM/Citibank loan schedules per entity/class/partner
  • Prepare in-house legal schedules for accrued and cash collected legal billing


  • Prepare quarterly partners’ capital statements, per partners
  • Prepare quarterly financial statements
  • Prepare management fee income schedules and email reminder memos to the Portfolio companies


  • Prepare audited financial statements and notes
  • Prepare financial statements for approximately 40 Trivest entities
  • Send copies of financial statements & other pertinent papers to Pinchasik for tax return preparation and follow-up questions from Mindy
  • Review tax returns and K-1’s prepared by Pinchasik; prepare memo to be included with K-1’s sent to investors
  • Open new A/P, bank reconciliation, financial statements, tax returns etc. file folders & pendaflexes for the coming year
  • Box up previous years accounts payable files, bank reconciliation files etc. and ship them to Iron Mountain
  • Send copies of financial statements, tax returns, equity schedules and any other pertinent papers to upload at Merrill
  • Review Merrill uploads once they are returned to us to make sure no pages were skipped
  • Prepare “paperless K-1’s” for all investors in Trivest Fund IV Co-Invest & Trivest Fund V Co-Invest

As Required:

  • Prepare wire transfers and checks for any distributions
  • Prepare in-house wire transfers and checks for distributions along with a copy of the memo and detailed distribution notice
  • Prepare in-house memo and detailed capital call notices
  • Work with CFO on any sale models/distribution models needed
  • Work with the paralegal regarding any sale or transfer of investors’ interest in any of our partnerships
  • Update Unfunded Commitment schedules
  • Other special projects as needed

Interested candidates should contact Fred Stern at: Please mention that you are a member of EisnerAmper's Friends of the Firm program.  Make sure to include Job #830 in the subject line and to copy Nkrumah Pierre and Jennifer Rosener at on your email.