Job #1734 - CEO - New York, New York (1-3-22)

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The Board of Directors of The Fund is seeking an experienced executive who is passionate about the mission of The Fund and has a track record of providing children from under-resourced urban communities with opportunities to learn, grow and thrive. The new CEO will lead The Fund as it executes on its pre-COVID 19strategic initiatives and expands on the learning developed during COVID-19, to maximize impact. The next CEO should be a thought leader in youth development and have deep insight into the challenges and opportunities facing today’s youth, particularly in New York City’s low-income communities.

The CEO will represent the organization’s mission to a broad scope of community-based organizations,

families, volunteers, Funders, and other stakeholders by articulating the power of the history and impact of The Fund. They will mobilize, strengthen, and inspire this network to raise awareness and Funds in support of the work of The Fund. The CEO’s leadership and management will be results-oriented, focused on measurable outcomes, and meet the highest standards of quality in all areas. They will oversee operational

development and performance against established goals, while setting the “tone at the top” with the highest ethical and legal standards together with respect for and commitment to the professional development of The Fund’s employees. They will steward and nurture an organizational culture with diversity, equity and inclusion as a primary value while putting the well-being of children and their and safety at the forefront.




  • Deliver outstanding strategic vision and leadership for The Fund in service of its mission, with a focus on allocation of resources to achieve ambitious but specific goals
  • Together with the executive team, build and maximize operational efficiencies, implement streamlined systems to build a high-performance operation that well-supports the program infrastructure and positions it for growth
  • Center child safety and emotional and social well-being in The Fund’s decision-making processes
  • Serve as the external and internal leader of The Fund by effectively communicating the mission and vision to a broad array of stakeholders including the children and families served by The Fund’s programs, volunteers, donors, and government officials
  • Lead as a sought-after public spokesperson and thought leader in various types of media on behalf of The Fund
  • Maintain direct, consistent, and clear guidance of the executive team, including with respect to budgeting, goal setting and annual performance reviews
  • Build pathways to hire, develop and promote talented team members with a special focus on alumni of The Fund’s programs, to facilitate achievement of their full potential
  • Engage with the Board of Directors and inspire them to utilize their skills to help achieve The Fund’s strategic and other goals
  • Lead and cultivate Fundraising and collaboration efforts with the public sector, foundations, individuals, and community organizations, including efforts to increase diversity and inclusion in
  • Enhance existing, and build new, strong relationships with community-based organizations and government agencies
  • Deploy board members appropriately to assist and guide on areas of expertise and build strong board committees to engage a next generation of volunteer leaders and enhance overall leadership
  • Work with the Risk Committee of the Board to actively manage risk, promote child safety and wellbeing and allocate appropriate resources in the furtherance of the foregoing
  • Continue building on the equity work of The Fund to drive its transformation into an anti-racist organization that promotes anti-racism across all of its communities
  • Strive to build a community of individuals with diverse backgrounds and life experiences, free of discrimination based on racial and ethnic origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, social economic status, or religious belief


Candidates for the CEO of the Fund will have:

  • A deep love for working with and inspiring youth
  • Demonstrated track record in building a collaborative workplace with a high-performance team where diversity, equity and inclusion is a driving factor in decision-making
  • Success in building streamlined and effective operational functionalities for an organization in conjunction with an executive team
  • Experience working with low-income communities and communities of color
  • Skilled communicator with the ability to build strong, transparent relationships with multiple constituent groups
  • A strong work ethic, sense of empathy and the ability to manage multiple projects and challenges simultaneously


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