Job #1555: Board of Advisors Member – Cromwell,CT (2-15-21)

Job Title

Board of Advisors Member




Commensurate with experience

Company Description

4D Vision Gym is an optometry practice focused on coaching individuals to exceed their expectations of themselves by transforming how they process visual information.  Through the implementation of proven techniques in the fields of Behavioral Optometry and Neurooptometric Rehabilitation, we tailor treatment to the individual in order to treat the visual inefficiencies that stand in between them and their goals whether they be in the areas of academics, athletics, career, or recreation.  Through the training of their neurological pathways, patients realize the power they have to control how they interact with the world, removing limitations and leaving them with endless possibilities.  

Purpose of the Board of Advisors:

The Board of Advisors serves as a critical resource to provide 4D Management Company with critical business acumen to help to increase revenue growth and scale 4D Optometry by increasing income, increasing staff productivity, creating and implementing standardized systems, and decreasing overhead.

The BOA will help establish a profit to the management company in order to allow for dividend distribution to the investors. The BOA will provide strategy, organizational development, and strategic implementation plan.

Criteria for being a Board of Advisors Member:

Members of the Board of Advisors share their skills and expertise in service to our mission by providing our organization with their professional expertise; their diverse knowledge of constituent perspectives; and their connections within their perspective disciplines. The Board of Advisors has no governing function within the organization.

A BOA member will meet at least two of the following criteria:

  • Organizational development experience
  • Significant experience in the area of financial management
  • Expertise in small business management
  • Healthcare industry experience
  • Knowledge in the area of mergers, acquisitions, or start ups
  • Sports industry experience
  • Internet/influencer marketing experience
  • Member of the Class A Shareholders to represent the shareholder interest


  • Board Members will serve for a term of 1 year.
  • Board Members who are not employees of 4D Management Company will be compensated $1,000 per year for attendance to ALL board meetings. From time to time, the company may wish to engage a board member in specific consulting for the organization outside of the board member duties.  Should this occur, a separate consulting engagement will be developed, with a clear delineation between board activities and consulting activities.
  • Meeting Requirements:
  • 6 (90 minute) virtual meetings
  • Meeting Dates:
  • Saturday, March 13th at 9am
    • Saturday, April 3rd at 9am
    • Saturday, May 1st at 9am
    • Saturday, June 26th at 9am
    • Saturday, August 14th at 9am
    • Saturday, November 6th at 9am
  • Board members are expected to come to meetings prepared, having read the meeting summary notes, financial information, reviewed the meeting agenda, and completed any other between meeting preparation deemed important by the board.
  • Board members will engage in a cordial and respectful fashion, while still challenging the status quo and raising issues that are important and pertinent to reaching organizational goals allowing the company to be competitive, profitable, and sustainable.
  • Board members will maintain confidentiality at all times.

Expectations of the Board of Advisors:

  • Monitor organizational performance and advise management.
  • Recommend policies regarding financial soundness.
  • Provide guidance on Human Resources topics to motivate productivity and accountability of staff.
  • Provide expert advice, door opening, investor relations and other tasks decided upon by the leadership of 4D Management.
  • Allow the organization to publicize their name and participation on the BOA.
  • Attend events such as the annual meeting and special gatherings.
  • Keep informed about plans, activities and needs of the organization.


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