Friends of the Firm Job: The Better Business Bureau, Accounting Manager and an Interim CFO/CEO.

Job #1166: Chief Financial Officer - New York, NY (6-4-19)

  • Job Title: Chief Financial Officer
  • Location: New York
  • Salary: Open

Job Description:

Company is seeking a highly skilled Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for a PE-backed full service specialty building contracting company headquartered in Brooklyn servicing the New York metropolitan area. This company offers design and installation of plumbing, fire protection and HVAC systems to the residential, commercial, hospitality, healthcare and government/public use sectors and has been affiliated with some of the highest profile projects and iconic structures in the New York City metropolitan area. Currently generating approximately $150MM in annual revenues with solid profitability, this company has a strategic plan of continued, profitable growth through both organic market expansion and targeted acquisitions. Founded more than 50 years ago, this company has a long-standing track record of success built on integrity and consistency in delivering value to its customers and suppliers and has an entrepreneurial culture that is steeped in technical expertise, customer service and employee engagement.

The CFO role has primary day-to-day “hands on” responsibility for planning, implementing, managing and controlling all financial and operational reporting. This includes direct responsibility for accounting, finance, forecasting, FP&A, capital expenditure analysis, working capital management, treasury, tax, insurance, budget, leases and audit functions. The CFO role will have direct oversight of accounting and finance and will play a key leadership role as to ERP, financial and operational management systems and process improvements. The CFO will be tasked to assess financial performance across all revenue streams and lead initiatives toward improving profitability, cash flow and liquidity. The CFO is expected to maintain strong systems and controls to safeguard corporate assets and ensure corporate policies are followed. The CFO is also responsible for managing ongoing banking relationships and associated covenant reporting.

The CFO role is a critical tactical and strategic position working collaboratively with the company’s CEO, COO and Board to execute on the strategic plan. The CFO position is a key leadership role in the management of the company as well as in the development and execution of the company’s short and long-term strategies. The CFO is expected to be a true “business partner” and work effectively across all functional areas of the company. The CFO is expected to be a positive impact across the company and enhance the company’s culture internally as well with customers, suppliers and key third parties.

This role provides a competitive compensation and benefit package including equity participation.

Desired Competencies:

  1. Direct industry experience in contractor-related businesses; plumbing, fire protection and HVAC contracting services in a union/prevailing wage workforce environment is preferred.
  2. Successful experience:
    1. as a financial leader who is both “hands on” and “scalable” in a commercial environment with at least $100MM in annual revenues and proven ability to manage growth;
    2. in a financial leadership role in a private equity portfolio environment or similar experience;
    3. managing a high performing financial planning and analysis (FP&A) function including implementing/managing an effective, metrics-based (KPI) reporting package/process and robust customer and vendor data analytics reporting;
    4. implementing/managing project costing systems/processes;
    5. managing finance and accounting in regard to percentage of completion (POC) and work in process (WIP);
    6. optimizing cash flow and working capital including inventory management;
    7. managing treasury functions including cash flow, working capital forecasting and liquidity planning;
    8. working as a value-add business partner with project leaders/managers/engineers to improve project profitability and across all functions of an organization;
    9. improving project bidding processes;
    10. leading systems evaluations, improvements and upgrades of ERP platforms;
    11. managing lender requirements contained within credit agreements including financial reporting, cash forecasting, borrowing base and covenant reporting;
    12. as a business partner with the executive team, PE Firm and management team to achieve targeted results and development and execution of the strategic plan;
    13. as a change leader/manager in an entrepreneurial environment;
    14. in a leadership role as to acquisition due diligence and post-acquisition integration including monitoring progress toward targeted synergies, cost savings and revenue enhancement.
  3. Experience with a company sale or private equity exit a positive, but not required.
  4. Reports to the CEO and makes Board presentations
  5. Direct Reports to CFO:
    1. Accounting and Finance, IT, Purchasing and HR.
  6. CPA license and/or MBA is preferred, but not required.

Primary Ongoing Functions and Skillsets:

Financial Management

  1. Partners with the CEO and COO to lead the company-wide development and implementation of goals, policies, priorities, financial strategy, linked metrics and procedures concerning financial and operational management including budgeting, accounting, business and cash forecasting and FP&A.
  2. Establishes sound internal financial management control systems and develops procedures to continuously improve internal control systems.
  3. Leads preparation of ongoing required financial statements and operating reports ensuring compliance with appropriate GAAP standards and regulatory requirements.
  4. Reviews financial statements and operating reports with all parties of interest including gap analysis and recommendations to improve performance.
  5. Oversee and ensure timely and accurate processing of transactions and accounting data, including AIA billings, and ensure legal and regulatory compliance regarding all financial functions.
  6. Oversee various DOL, IRS, 401K and medical compliance regulations.
  7. Oversee DCAA and other compliance requirements for any publicly funded projects.
  8. Implement and manage best practices as to project costing processes and percentage of completion (POC) revenue recognition.
  9. Implement and manage best practices as to cash conversion and working capital optimization, including inventory management.
  10. Manage annual audit and auditor relations including coordination with CPA firm in preparation of external audit materials, GAAP financial reporting and all tax compliance.
  11. Prepares quarterly Board package.
  12. Responsible for Monthly Business Review package and ownership and delivery of review to BOD and Management team members.
  13. Responsible for building yearly operating plan within three-year strategic plan framework.
  14. Preparation/analysis of daily/weekly/monthly reports of key financial and operational metric trends.
  15. Assesses organizational performance against budgets with functional leaders and management team.
  16. Manages requirements for lending agreements including monitoring compliance with any debt covenants as well as building quarterly business review financial package for senior lender reviews.
  17. Manage acquisition due diligence, valuations, contracts, closing, integration and post-acquisition measurement.
  18. Develop and manage a high performing accounting and finance staff within appropriate budget constraints for a business of this nature.
  19. Manage ongoing banking, bonding and insurance requirements.

Quality Management and Improvement

  1. Focus on continuous improvement in accuracy and timeliness of ongoing financial and operational reporting.
  2. Partners with the CEO and COO to identify and implement company profit improvement opportunities including:
    a. operating margins by individual or sector of customers;
    b. operating margins by service offering;
    c. identifying and implementing cost reductions to add value.
    Strategic and Analytical
  3. Displays orientation to profitability and aligns finance with strategic goals.
  4. Analytical abilities and solid communication skills as to what is driving the results.
  5. Provide management team with business forecasts that convey timely insights as to prospective profit impacts of changes in project pricing/project volume and/or cost reductions as needed and as market conditions dictate that enable better management decision making.
  6. Develop and manage processes and systems to provide management team with timely financial and operational information in regard to company performance compared to strategic/operation plan and make actionable strategic and tactical recommendations.
  7. Preparation and communication to management of capital budgets when necessary to justify prospective investments.

Relationship Building

  1. Establishes credibility throughout the organization as an effective developer of solutions to business challenges.
  2. Ability to build solid working relationships across the organization including with management, workforce, customers, suppliers and key third parties.

IT and Technology

  1. Proficiency with technology systems (eSUB and similar construction software experience a plus) and ERP implementations and upgrades and can leverage IT to gain competitive efficiencies.
  2. High proficiency with Excel and all MS Office applications.

Other Functions and Useful Skillsets

  1. Review contracts and approve financial terms.
  2. Understanding of quality initiatives such as continuous improvement, six sigma, lean or similar concepts.
  3. Risk management including appropriate tax, insurance and legal aspects/strategies to preserve and enhance company assets and growth plans.
  4. Partner with HR to evaluate and establish appropriate compensation/benefit structures, including incentive plans and sales compensation structures that link with and have potential to enhance company performance.

Key Personal Attributes:

  • Strong Leadership: A Proactive and Passionate Advocate for the Business.
  • Exceptional Technical Skills Tailored to the Business.
  • Sense of Urgency: “All Hands-on Deck”.
  • A Proactive Partner with leadership and management team.
  • Exhibits confidence in self and others; Inspires and motivates others to perform well.
  • Effectively influences actions and opinions of others; Accepts feedback from others; Gives appropriate recognition to others.
  • Creates a sense of team spirit and helps to create a positive work environment.
  • Ethics: Treats people with respect, keeps commitments; works with integrity and ethically. Upholds organizational core values.
  • Follows through on commitments
  • Strategic Thinking: Develops strategies to help achieve departmental and company goals.
  • Oral/Written Communication Skills: Speaks/writes clearly and persuasively in positive or negative situations. Listens and gets clarification.
  • Actively participates in meetings. Presents himself/herself in a well-groomed professional manner.
  • Innovation: Displays original thinking and creativity. Meets challenges with resourcefulness, generates suggestions for improving work and develops innovative approaches and ideas.
  • Adapts to changes in the work environment, manages competing demands, changes approach or method to best fit the situation, able to deal with change, delays or unexpected events.
  • Strong organizational skills: versatile and able to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Strong work-ethic, detail-driven and a commitment to doing whatever it takes to get the job done.
  • Demonstrates exceptional follow through.

Travel Requirements:

Occassional travel.


Interested candidates should send resumes to Steve Garland at: Please mention that you are a member of EisnerAmper's Friends of the Firm program.  Make sure to include Job #1166 in the subject line and to copy Nkrumah Pierre and Isabella Brilliant at on your email.