Friends of the Firm Job: The Better Business Bureau, Accounting Manager and an Interim CFO/CEO.

Job #1071: Chief Financial Officer - New York, NY (3-21-19)

  • Job Title: Chief Financial Officer
  • Location: New York
  • Salary: Up to $200,000

This will be the key finance position within the company, responsible for all financial and management reporting, financial planning and analysis, strategic planning and development, management of transaction processing and all reporting and tax/fx compliance issues. 

CFO will be part of the Co leadership team and responsible for providing executive leadership and management of financial resources to ensure the achievement of business plans and objectives. The CFO is expected to ensure the quality of financial management throughout the organization, including processes, business analysis and providing detailed financial reporting and strategy to the entire senior management and executive team, Board of Directors and investors. The CFO will oversee the Controller and will preferably have advertising/media/agency/professional services experience.

More specifically the responsibilities of CFO role will include:

  • Financial Leadership  
    • Understands the critical needs of a startup company with significant financial growth with regards to key stakeholders, investors and its Board of Directors. 
    • Plays a critical role in providing leadership and strategy in developing annual and longer-range vision.  
    • Leads the business through thec hallenges of growth and position the company to capitalize on undiscovered opportunities with a tight focus on profitability and cash management. 
    • Works to develop monthly, quarterly,and annual financial reporting & statements for distribution & review by organization's Leadership team
  • Accounting, Financial Management & Reporting
    • Continuously manages the company's finances, including income,  budget compliance,  and cost management to help ensure the company's ability to meet its annual and longer-range vision, strategies, plans and objectives. 
    • Responsible for cash flow planning and ensure availability of funds as needed.  Manages all cash, investment and asset management across all operations. 
    • Responsible for developing and maintaining capital budgets.  Continuously monitors operating budgets, expenditure and compliance. 
    • Responsible for acting with urgency and escalating concerns to senior management. 
    • Responsible for ensuring the US's compliance with GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), and other related accounting principles and standards
    • Responsible for ensuring fully accurate, thorough, on-target and on-time financial and other related business (as assigned) reporting on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual or ad hoc basis: 
      • Includes preparing and presenting specific routine and ad hoc financial analyses and reporting such as profit & loss forecasts, cash flow forecasts and the like. 
    • Reviews and approves all month-end closing activities including general ledger maintenance, balance sheet reconciliations and cost allocation. 
    • Oversees preparation of and approves all month-end, quarter-end and year-end financial statements. 
    • Responsible to ensure all internal and/or external inquiries that relate to the company's finances and financial position are responded to or not responded to as appropriate, and where applicable, again in a timely, thorough, fully accurate and on-target manner. 
    • Manages all payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory management and other standard company finance and finance-related functions and operations.
    • Responsible to ensure a fully accurate, thorough, on-target and on-time approach is consistently taken across all such operations. 
    • Engages the company's leadership on trends, and changes in financial plans, goals or objectives, including current and/or longer-range financial standing or positioning. 
    • Participates in and/or leads calls or meetings with the company's lead team  Represents the company to financial partners, including financial institutions, investors, auditors, public officials, etc.
    • Oversees financing strategies and activities, as well as banking relationships. 
    • Ensure maintenance of appropriate internal controls and financial procedures across all finance and finance-related functions and personnel. 
    • Coordinate audits and proper filing of tax and other financial documentation.
    • Responsible at all times to ensure legal and regulatory compliance regarding all financial functions. 
    • Expected to build and maintain a best-in-class finance operation.
    • Responsible for developing reporting multiples tools that allow to analyze and monitor sales and expenses (weekly and monthly).
  • Financial Planning & Analysis
    • Plays a critical role, as part of the leadership team, in developing annual and longer-range vision, strategies and business plans for the business.  As co expands internationally will also participate in international strategic and business planning processes (for global brand strategy positioning and alignment). 
    • Responsible for developing scalable and sustainable processes, tools and other resources for the business and budget planning and development. 
    • Responsible for leading annual and/or longer-range budget planning and development across all operations. 
    • Coaches, advises or otherwise supports peers in departmental budget development and cross-functional alignment. 
    • Develops methodologies, models, other techniques, and data sources  to perform (or oversee others performing) routine and ad hoc financial, market and other business analyses necessary for current, proactive or retrospective information with which to make important business decisions. 
    • Expected to provide senior management with relevant recommendations arising from analyses of financial, market and other business data.


Interested candidates should e-mail resume to Michael Cooke at: Please mention that you are a member of EisnerAmper's Friends of the Firm program.  Make sure to include Job #1071 in the subject line and to copy Nkrumah Pierre and Isabella Brilliant at on your email.