Jason Vik

  • Director, Eisner Advisory Group LLC`


Jason Vik is a Director within EisnerAmper Digital. He has over 15 years of consulting, technology, and integrated risk management experience. Jason is responsible for the growth and maturity of the firm’s GRC Technology capabilities across the team, and more broadly increasing our digital footprint for internal and external stakeholders.

Jason works closely with our advisory groups to facilitate improvements through digitization and automation enabling them to take the next steps in driving value for our clients. He specializes in integrating risk management using technology. Jason’s expertise in integrated risk management and technology lends itself to working in heavily regulated markets where the burden of compliance is substantially higher and the importance of managing risk becomes increasingly more apparent.

Prior to joining the firm, Jason was an international business consultant for a global GRC tech firm. He worked on the integration team for manufacturer of automobiles after an acquisition and served as a manager in GRC tech for a Big 4 accounting firm.

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