Investment Advisory Services

In today’s world of complex and turbulent financial markets, developing a sound investment strategy can seem a daunting task. Many high-net-worth investors are choosing to become more proactive in the management of their investment portfolios by turning to the experience and expertise of objective investment advisors. EisnerAmper Wealth Advisors provides services to our clients using a proven investment advisory process:

Analyze current position and build an understanding of objectives

First, we help you determine realistic objectives for each facet of your portfolio. We analyze your current assets and investment activities, gain an understanding of your risk tolerance, and examine the sources and uses of your existing assets. We then construct a tailored action plan that will help you achieve your investment goals.

Design a customized asset allocation strategy and investment policy statement (IPS)

Designing effective asset allocation is critical. We help you determine your goals and objectives attendant to your personal tolerance for market risk. We apply knowledge of current economic factors and portfolio theory to propose specific recommendations that help you make appropriate investment choices.

The next step in our process is to formalize your investment policy statement. This crucial document is based on your specific needs and provides a blueprint for asset management and guidelines for manager/mutual fund search to implement the policy statement. The IPS also provides a basis for ongoing performance reviews and evaluations of your portfolio and the managers we help you select.

Implement the investment strategy—choosing among separately managed accounts, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds

After the policy statement is agreed upon, we help you evaluate and choose separately managed accounts, ETFs and mutual funds based on criteria that fit your policy. We also assist in coordinating custody and brokerage services that may be required to implement your policy statement.

Client oversight services

In some instances, we do not manage a client’s assets, but act as their advocates. Clients may have a separate advisor that implements the strategy and recommends money managers. As the initial architects of the client’s plan, we would provide ongoing recommendations to make sure they conform to the client’s goals and do not deviate from the guidelines established in the IPS.

Evaluate investment performance periodically

Our comprehensive approach as investment advisors culminates in a performance evaluation, which serves to answer three questions: Were the asset allocation strategy and manager structure implemented effectively and attendant to your investment policy statement? Are the separate investment managers adhering to the investment policy statements, which should be aligned with your objectives? Are the managers adding value based on performance, risk, fees charged and other factors?

Rebalance the portfolio and review the process to make sure goals are being met in a tax-efficient and cost-effective manner.

We periodically rebalance discretionary assets and make recommendations for rebalancing non-discretionary assets. Rebalancing can be triggered by one of several events, including changing market conditions, reaching target allocations thresholds, or changes in investment strategy or cash flow needs.

Our operational review process helps us to identify costs that can be reduced, other investment vehicles and components that may improve performance, and risks that can be mitigated. The review is an ongoing process in order to continually address the specific needs of our clients.