Internal Audit

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Internal Audit Solutions that Pair Years of Tradition and Excellence Powered with Digital Thinking

Enable Your Organization to Manage Risk and Uncover What’s Possible

We're a risk-focused team of internal audit professionals committed to seeing processes through a new and objective lens powered by digital technology. This skill set is particularly useful when the need to pivot quickly to the changing governance and risk management landscape. Risk Advisory powered by EisnerAmper Digital is using these moments of disruption as opportunities to reset and design a streamlined experience for our clients and to drive more value and clarity from our solutions.

Internal auditing continues to be a pillar of our risk advisory services. Our team of has supported hundreds of clients like you using our tailored approach to meet the unique requirements of your industry and organization. A big part of our team culture is to proactively share our insights and perspectives with you because we know that having a trusted partner key to having your audit hit all the marks and instill confidence with your stakeholders.

Internal Audit Solutions that Do Not End at “Here’s Your Audit Plan”

Drawing on our heritage as one of the most prestigious and trusted global accounting and tax firms, we are resourced to support internal audit goals that often have a variety of considerations. With flexible sourcing models and the ability to support many facets of your business, we've developed a reputation of adding value beyond your audit plan.

Our internal audit services include:

Outsourced Internal Audit Solutions

Whether you've directed countless audits or require specialized expertise, our team of internal audit professionals can help bridge the gap. With an outsourced model, we can come in and conduct an independent high-impact audit that accelerates your path towards transformation.

With our co-sourced model, we carry out the internal audit in tandem with your team. With either option, you can gain peace of mind knowing that you have a trusted, insightful and tactical internal audit partner in your corner. 

Risk Assessments and Audit Plan Development

Effective risk identification helps your internal audit department focus its efforts on what really matters. This includes measuring the impact and likelihood of the issues that drive each risk factor and assessing your business' exposure to them. Risk Advisory powered by EisnerAmper Digital brings deep expertise and an independent, objective view of risks affecting your business.

A great place to begin and gain vital clarity is with an enterprise risk assessment. 

Technical Audit

As your technology environment continues to transform, the complexity around proper risk management protocols do too. Our Technical Internal Audit Solutions help you safeguard your data footprint, stay compliant with modern technology regulation, and operate in alignment with your business and IT goals.

Public Company Audit Requirements

Impressing even the client’s auditors, we work collaboratively with management and the Audit Committee to identify key risks and recommend improvements to the enterprise’s governance, risk management, internal control and operations.

Passionate Auditors That Take Time to Understand Your Business

Meet Your Internal Audit Professionals

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Nina Kelleher

Nina is the National Leader for Risk Advisory services and is a Financial Services industry SME with over 15 years’ experience.

Alan Frank

Alan is partner to the EisnerAmper Digital practice with over 25 years of experience in Internal Audit and Regulatory Solutions.

Jerry Ravi

As Partner and National Practice Leader for EisnerAmper Digital, Jerry’s credo is to help clients transform risk into opportunities for growth.

Michael Rose

As a partner and National Practice Leader for the firm’s CFIUS Advisory Services, Michael is a thought leader with over 35 years of experience.