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Trends & Developments - June 2014 - From Our Blogs

Jun 18, 2014

From Our Blogs…

EisnerAmper professionals share comments, ideas, and insight into several professional areas through our numerous blogs. Here's just a sample of some recent posts:

Diane Wasser"A not-for-profit organization must file the appropriate Form 990 series ("Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax") at least once within a consecutive three-year period.  Without such filing, the IRS automatically revokes the employer's tax-exempt status. Federal tax-exempt status can be reinstated if the organization applies to the IRS and is able to show there was reasonable cause for not timely filing the Form 990 series."

from Are You Sure Your Plan Sponsor is tax Exempt? by Diane Wasser for our Compensation and Employee Benefits blog, posted June 4.

Nancy Clark"One goal of ICD-10 implementation has been to improve documentation to better support the increased specificity of the ICD-10 diagnosis codes.   Medical record documentation is frequently targeted by auditors because it may not support the billed procedure code.   Increasing standards now will better serve providers by reducing their overall audit risk.  In addition, with health care moving towards quality of services instead of quantity of services, more complete documentation will serve to increase substantiation of performance measures."

from Implement Operational Efficiencies During ICD-10 Delay by Nancy Clark, posted June 6 on our Health Care Services blog.

Eric Altstadter"The new Sbarro pictures itself as an artisanal fast food eatery similar to Panera Bread or Chipotle.   However, no matter how Sbarro pictures itself, its departure from the Long Island business landscape is another blow to the local economy, whether it now fancies itself as a landlord or not."

from Long Island Is Losing Another by Eric Altstadter for our Eye on Long Island blog, posted June 6.

Marc Fogarty"Some are touting that this is the second coming – the second coming of the Internet tech bubble, that is. There are the hallmark signs of high company valuations, low profits and the most recent news of stock splits like the one recently announced from Apple."

from Does the Apple Stock Split Indicate Another Tech Bubble? by Marc Fogarty for our Technology and Life Sciences blog, posted June 4.

Dan GibsonOr you can check us out on video!

Here's EisnerAmper Partner Dan Gibson discussing Tax Awareness when Launching a New Business, from our Private Business Services blog, posted June 5.

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Trends & Developments June 2014

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