Listing of improvement opportunity work that EisnerAmper’s Health care Services Group has performed with Health care Executives are as follows: 

  1. Financial and Operational Assessments - Review of all key revenue cycle processes. The final report list various cash flow improvement opportunities. Our experience allows us to quantify the improvement opportunities and recommend operational changes for each key function.
  2. Financial and Operational Benchmarks - Typically performed in conjunction with the Financial and Operational Assessment. The final report compares your health system to key hospital financial and operational benchmarks.
  3. Review of the Billing Process - This review includes a narrative of the current Billing process. We start with all front-end procedures, charge capture, ChargeMaster, etc. through the issuance of a claim. We have specialists that have worked in the Billing area for hospitals as part of our team.
  4. Review of the Collection Process - This review includes a narrative of your current Accounts Receivable process. We review how your current A/R and old A/R are being managed by calculating your effective collection percentage. We have specialists that have worked in the Collection area for hospitals as part of our team.
  5. Physician/Hospital Integration - Our team facilitates the integration of physician practices and health systems. Services we can assist in negotiations include: compensation review, coding and documentation review, cash flow improvement analysis, operational benchmarking, financial benchmarking, and developing letters of intent and term sheets.
  6. ChargeMaster Review - Our certified coders can perform a review of your current ChargeMaster. They are familiar with all of the current coding changes that occur each year. These reviews focus on current codes, descriptions, pricing at or above reimbursement rates and the elimination of manual coding input.
  7. Managed Care Contract Reviews - Our insurance specialist will review your current payor contracts. Your current reimbursement is compared to your market area. This analysis typically results in opportunities to renegotiate both your contractual terms and reimbursement rates.
  8. Business Valuations - Our health care specialists will assist management in establishing a value for a particular line of business.
  9. Health care Litigation - The Health care Services Group represents providers in audits and proper reimbursement for services rendered. We have developed a good business relationship with the health care legal community.
  10. Process Improvement - Our specialists will analyze current key processes and recommend changes to improve throughput, reduce costs and improve compliance by your staff.
  11. Coding and Documentation Review - Our certified coder would review the appropriateness of the coding and documentation for medical services provided.
  12. Internal Audit - EisnerAmper has developed a cosource model that supports your current Internal Audit function. EisnerAmper financial and industry specialists assist your Internal Audit Department complete the approved audit plan for a year.
  13. IT Security Reviews - Our IT specialists review the internal controls relative to your IT network and software. Our specialists have experience working directly in hospital settings.
  14. Pension Audits - Our pension specialists can conduct an audit of your employee benefit plans.
  15. Financial Services - Our financial services specialists offer cash management, endowment management, executive wealth management, health/life/dental benefits, retirement/pension benefits, and key employee/physician planning.
  16. Interim Management - Our specialists provide temporary staffing assistance for various financial, operational and administrative functions. EisnerAmper’s role is to assist management with meeting the daily needs of the organization.