Fox Business News: Stock Index Funds for Investment Portfolios

There are a number of reasons why investors should consider buying stock index funds, according to Tim Speiss in this Point-Counter Point interview with Tom Sullivan on Fox Business News. Stock index funds are cost effective ways to gain significantly broad exposure to the equity markets without the requirement of complex portfolio management.

Tim goes on to say that Index Funds, especially invested in the S&P 500, can help investors avoid market volatility of the kind we’ve seen in recent months. Investors in Index Funds should also consider regular re-balancing their holdings, perhaps quarterly, to further reduce exposure to volatility. Tim suggests that portfolio values approaching $500,000 are good candidates for investing in index funds, whereby larger portfolios are usually going to call for additional investment options, including bonds and emerging market funds.

To view the video on Stock Index Funds for Investment Portfolios please click here. 

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