Hillary Clinton on Long Island

Setting a record for most times speaking before the group, Hillary Clinton recently made her seventh appearance before the LIA. On Friday, October 4 she was interviewed by Long Island Association president and chief executive officer Kevin Law before approximately 1,100 people at the Crest Hollow Country Club.

Instead of a standard back and forth Q&A on policy and the economy, she was asked to “just riff.” Mr. Law started off by simply saying, “Tell us about what happened to you on 9/11.” Mrs. Clinton told a rapt audience that she and Senator Schumer flew to Ground Zero a few hours after the attack and then circled the site by helicopter before landing and going into meetings with Governor Pataki and Mayor Giuliani. She said it was the single worst scene she’d ever experienced in her life. She went on to say that, after she heard President Bush say that Congress had immediately approved $20 billion for the Pentagon, she and Schumer went into overdrive to get another $20 billion for New York, giving credit to Bush who basically said “Sure, you got it.” Mr. Law  followed with “Tell us what happened to you as we got close to and then killed Bin Laden,” “Tell us what happened to you during the previous government shut down,” and “Tell us about the terrible incident in Benghazi.” Mrs. Clinton responded in each instance with times, dates, and who did what and why in a bravura performance.

In discussing the current government shut-down, which she described as “regrettable,” she stressed the need for Americans to get back into a more problem-solving mind-set and focus on breaking down the barriers that have been built.  She stressed the need to see each other as human beings again and focus on the here and now.

Mrs. Clinton spoke briefly about topics specific to Long Island.  She said Long Islanders should focus on getting back the spirit of entrepreneurship and the comeback energy that at one time was so apparent on the Island. 

When, inevitably, she was asked about her plans to run for president, Mrs. Clinton did say, “I will think about it because it’s something on a lot of people’s minds. And it’s on my mind as well.” 

Based on how well her remarks were received, it seems certain that she’ll be invited back for an eighth visit.


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