Help Desk Services

As a managed services provider we are often asked to develop IT solutions for our customer needs. In many cases the solution is as simple as offering simple IT Support to resolve their technology needs. For many years we could only offer IT support solutions by going directly to a customer site and troubleshooting. As technology capabilities for support have improved, we have implemented a robust technology support system for our clients. Our help desk solution is a highly focused technology solution that is usually better than most company’s internal solutions. Accordingly, with outsourcing becoming more prevalent, IT support often turns to a top outsourced help desk solution.

Help Desk has been one of our most popular services requested by our clients these days. In this scenario the normal IT Help Desk service is outsourced to EisnerAmper technology experts to manage. Support can be offered in 2 packages. It can be either during normal business hours or 24x7 help desk.

Different Support Packages

We offer support through the method of telephone support or email support. Either method creates a support ticket in our system that is followed until closed. When you call into our support line they verify your computer is covered and then will help you with your solution. If the desktop engineer cannot resolve the issue, they will ask for remote permission and take over your computer virtually and attempt to directly resolve the issue. This personal touch to IT Support is what sets our help desk services apart from many others. We will continue until the problem is resolved. If you are in the NJ area and require further IT Services, we can dispatch an engineer to your location to ensure closure of your technology issue.

Technology for Help Desk

To get started our engineers will install a small software agent on your computer. This agent can be installed remotely using a simple screen sharing software. After we install the software and the computer is registered in our database our help desk will have a live list of your supported computers. This list will be used when a user calls into our help desk. At that time we will know the user and computer history already and be ready to resolve their issue quickly using a knowledge base. This agent can also be used to monitor your software, backup the data and update and patch all security service required for the operating system. It’s a robust technology component to our help desk offering.

EisnerAmper Top Help Desk Provider

Help Desk services has been important service and EisnerAmper has been an IT Services provider since 1984. In 30+ years we have worked with almost every size customer and have focused on providing the best solution at the best price. Our goal is to offer a consultative IT solution that provides our customers a robust solution. In our experience the best IT company is not just a company that can offer a solution but will be there when there are problems. In the IT industry problems often happen, but what is most important is to build a relationship with the best IT company that can help when the chips are down.