Healthcare Coding & Documentation 2012 Update - Part 3


2012 CPT Code Changes

Effective 1/1/12 

  • 270 New Codes
  • 98 Deleted Codes
  • 22 Resequenced Codes
  • Category II Codes (F Codes)
    • 56 New Codes – 3 Deleted Codes
      • Angina Second hand smoke
      • Neuropsychiatric symptoms
      • Dementia
      • Asthma Hepatitis B
      • Beta blocker therapy
      • Left ventricular ejection fraction
      • Screening for depression
      • Referral to outpatient cardiac rehabilitation program
    • 26 New Codes
      • Bronchoscopy
      • Cell enumeration
      • Corneal incisions in recipient cornea Insertion of left atrial hemodynamic monitor
      • External electrocardiographic recording for more than 48 hours up to 21 days by continuous rhythm recording & storage
      • Extracorporeal shock wave for integumentary wound healing
       Category III Codes (T Codes)


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