Is Health Care at a Crossroads?

January 05, 2017

Regulation, insurance, patient data security, and the list of challenges in the health care sector goes on and on.  EisnerAmper experts give us a lay of the land with respect to health care consolidation, the ACA and more. You’ll discover the nuances of health care accounting and how a medical practice’s business advisors can be a key to growth.

Podcast Series

Is Health Care at a Crossroads? Part 1

Part 1 of this interview tells us about what impact the new administration may have on health care, including where insurance companies do business, and what financial issues are top-of-mind for physicians and hospital administrators.

Is Health Care at a Crossroads? Part 2

This second part of our interview looks at consolidation in the health care sector, concerns about patient information and data security, and how being a business and financial advisor to health care professionals is a specialty unto itself.

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