Is Health Care at a Crossroads? Part 1


In part 1 of this interview, EisnerAmper's leader of the Health Care Services Group  tells us about what impact the new administration may have on health care, how consumer choice is increasingly driving where insurance companies do business, and what financial issues are top-of-mind for physicians and hospital administrators. In part 2 of this podcast, we cover health care consolidation, patient data security and more.


Dave Plaskow: Hello and welcome to EisnerAmper’s podcast series where we try to dig a little deeper on accounting and finance issues facing business professionals and their clients. Today’s topic is “Is Health Care at a Crossroads?” I’m your host Dave Plaskow. With us today is Michael McLafferty, an EisnerAmper Partner who is the leader of the Health Care Services Group. Michael, welcome, and thanks for being here.
Michael McLafferty: Thank you David. It’s a pleasure to be here, and certainly looking forward to sharing some feedback on the health care issues today.

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Is Health Care at a Crossroads? Part 2

This second part of our interview looks at consolidation in the health care sector, concerns about patient information and data security, and how being a business and financial advisor to health care professionals is a specialty unto itself.