CEO Nick Cowan of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange discusses regulation for digital debt securities, digital funds and cryptocurrency.

How Gibraltar is Shaping the Global Regulatory Landscape for Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets


In this podcast, Nick Cowan, the CEO of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange - the world’s first stock exchange to offer the listing services for digital debt securities and digital funds - discusses how Gibraltar is shaping global innovation and regulation in the cryptocurrency space.


Dara Albright: Hello everyone and welcome to the EisnerAmper podcast series. We're always interested in the latest trends and developments as well as any related business and accounting opportunities and challenges. Today is the first in a series of podcasts where we'll be exploring the ever-evolving international regulatory landscape for digital assets. We will be discussing how changing regulations will impact various asset classes, exchanges, investors, bankers, issuers, as well as service providers—essentially, the entire modern ecosystem for financial services. I'm your host Dara Albright, and we're honored to have with us today, Nick Cowan, CEO of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange Group, also known as GSX. Nick, welcome and thanks for being here.

Nick Cowan:Dara, thanks for having me.

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