Not-for-profit Fall Fundraising Tips

Fall is prime time for fundraisers as it is right between the vacation days of summer and the frenzy of the holidays.  Many not-for-profit organizations are currently preparing their direct mail fundraiser, golf tournament, or other special events.  Here are some tips to keep your fundraising on track and successful:

  1. Have a Strategic Fundraising Plan – A written strategic fundraising plan allows your organization to focus on fundraising efforts, plan a yearly fundraising calendar, and provide guidance on strategy and tactics before, during, and after fundraising events.  The strategic fundraising plan should include the following for each fundraising event held: plan, strategy, staff/board time, direct cost, timetable, and projected income from the fundraising event.
  2. Get Everyone Involved - Fundraising shouldn’t be the sole responsibility of the not-for-profit organization’s Development Director.  Everyone in the organization, from the Executive Director to volunteers, should be aware of the organization’s fundraiser and the goals of the fundraiser to promote optimal effect.
  3. Incorporate Social Media into Fundraising – Consider using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, et al. to your advantage to promote your not-for-profit fundraising or event.  There are low- to no-cost advertising streams which could help attract new donors and meet fundraising goals.  Social media allows the organization to post updates about the fundraiser and can help get donors connected to your organization.

Brian Collins is an Audit Manager with over 10 years of public accounting experience. He performs audit, review, compilation, and tax services for a wide range of clients in various industries, including not-for-profits and automotive dealerships.

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