Foundations for the Future 2.0 skew.jpgWhen real estate is the family business, these practical resources are designed to help you in managing the business and protecting your assets.



February 22, 2022 Automation Efficiencies for Family Offices

Family offices run many disparate systems and processes and it takes a lot of effort to make everything work together. Finding qualified resources is often challenging so how do you find a way to automate and streamline to accommodate accelerated gro…

February 22, 2022 Cybersecurity Within Your Family Office

A look at the reasons why cybersecurity is a growing concern for family offices, as well as six steps you can take to mitigate cybersecurity risk.

March 07, 2022 Aligning Real Estate with a New Generation of Environmentally Conscious Buyers

Sustainability will continue to popular as younger generations buy or rent homes—meaning builders and real estate investors must make green practices part of their business plans.

February 21, 2022 Six Strategies to Help Real Estate Families Navigate Tough Decisions

Deciding when to buy, how long to hold, and when to sell family real estate investments can result in tough conversations among family members. Learn six strategies that can help develop a philosophy and shared plan for growing and create a method fo…

March 03, 2022 Preparing for Emergencies on a Personal Level

For real estate family businesses, where the personal ownership of the assets and the running of the business are particularly intertwined, thorough pre-emergency planning takes on greater urgency. This article discusses the creation of a desk plan, …

October 29, 2020 Warning: In a Pandemic, Real Estate Companies Are Particularly Vulnerable to Fraud

Fraud increases during times of crisis. This article takes a look at the risk of fraud during the pandemic, the causes of fraud, and the actions one can take to mitigate the risk of fraud.

March 03, 2022 Post-Pandemic Planning: A Guide for Real Estate Family Businesses

A look at both real estate trends and family dynamics as the industry begins to emerge from the pandemic.

September 14, 2020 Part 2: Considerations (or Opportunities) for Growing a Family Owned Real Estate

The family owning a real estate company must make sound decisions about further investment and growth that are not only right for the business, but also for the family. Governance is simply how families decide to make decisions with one another.

September 15, 2020 Part 1: The Real Estate Family’s Considerations for Success

The uniqueness (and the challenge) of a real estate family is that they are not just a family, but co-owners in a property portfolio and the companies that manage and maintain that portfolio. Both the family and business bonds that tie the family tog…

September 14, 2020 Part 4: More than Transferring a Title: How Do I Successfully Transfer Responsibility and Ownership of My Real Estate Empire?

Decision-making changes when parents decide to pass their real estate portfolio to their family members. If you decide to pass ownership or management to any family members, here’s a discussion of a few things to consider.

September 14, 2020 Part 3: A Dispute Resolution Guide for Real Estate Families

Families owning real estate companies must recognize: Healthy conflict can help build productive, long-term relationships. On the other hand, unhealthy conflicts must be resolved quickly for the family to emerge even stronger and restore harmony. Fam…