Forensic Technology Blog

In today's rapidly changing world, our Forensic Technology Team continues to expand to meet client demands. Our experts have more than 100 years of experience working on 100-plus cases, ranging from single-computer digital forensics to complex data analytics numbering in the billions of transactions.
We established our leading-edge Computer Forensics Lab in 2015 in Sacramento, California. Within the secure walls of The Lab, we host powerful database servers for complex data analytics, eDiscovery processing and review platforms, and develop custom innovative software solutions for our clients’ specialized needs. We are continually updating The Lab to keep pace with technology so we can efficiently search increasingly larger amounts of data and provide our clients with critical information and knowledge that results in the successful resolution of their cases.
Forensic Technology Services include the following:

  • Digital Forensics, including computer analysis and cybersecurity
  • eDiscovery, including data collections and hosting
  • Complex Data Analytics, including transaction analysis
  • IT Expert Services, including technology disputes and systems consulting

We are excited to see this practice area grow, and we welcome the opportunity to share some of our success stories with you.

Blogs October 30, 2019 Important Security Updates for Android Phones and Windows 10 Computers

Security updates for Windows and Android that you should be aware of. These relate to audio, video and image files that could be open to hacking.

Blogs October 17, 2019 Roots of Marriott Breach Run Deep

A review of the root causes and the fallout from the Marriott cyber breach, along with a look at how to mitigate cyber risk at your organization.

Blogs August 26, 2019 Combatting Vulnerabilities in Building Control Systems

How can you combat building control systems attacks? Recommendations include protecting network devices with a firewall, constantly monitoring network traffic for irregular activity, developing patches to the software in a timely manner.

Blogs July 25, 2019 Pair of National Labs Latest to Suffer Unnecessary Data Breaches

Companies that employ best practices for vendor risk management programs utilize technology to organize, synthesize and analyze their vast amounts of data.

Blogs June 20, 2019 Information Security in the Real Estate Environment

An EisnerAmper cybersecurity event geared specifically to the real estate sector. The expert panel conveyed the costs of NOT having a proactive cybersecurity plan as well as tips for developing a successful program.

Blogs November 01, 2018 The Tools to Minimize and Respond to and Cyber Threats

Thomson Reuters recently held their 17th Annual Law Firm CFO & COO Forum. One well-attended session, “A Swift and Measured Response: Organizational & Client-Focused Responses After a Cyber Incident,” featured a panel of experts including Lena Licata.

Blogs March 21, 2018 GDPR Could Have Far-Reaching Impact on Fund Managers

The European Union launched a strict set of rules called General Data Protection Regulation and both E.U. fund managers and those outside the E.U. that have access to European data need to know about them in order to comply by the May 25 deadline.

Blogs January 19, 2018 Private Equity Breakfast Roundtable: Cybersecurity Breaches. Not If…When

At a recent Private Equity Breakfast co-hosted by EisnerAmper and law firm Bracewell LLP, a quartet of speakers emphasized measures companies need to implement to be in the best position possible to prevent data breaches.

Blogs September 21, 2017 Service Provider Spotlight: September 21, 2017

Threats to private equity firms continue to grow both in scope and sophistication. Cyber strategies and practices require equally complex and progressive thought. Here are strategies and protections firms can employ to thwart cyber attacks.