Firewall Security

Every office we work with has a high speed internet access line. This line is the lifeblood of all the employees and gives them the ability to access email, accounting, HR packages and of course the internet in general. To protect the flow of traffic coming out of your office and the return responses coming back in, a Firewall Security Appliance is required.

Firewalls provide stateful packet inspection and watch all the data going back and forth in and out of an office. They are a crucial aspect of your overall IT security plan and essential to protect the data and users in the office. All Firewalls must be updated daily with the latest defense threats that are programmatically included in its packet inspection protocols. In essence, a list of the “bad guys” is kept and if your users try to access anything related to them it’s blocked before damage can occur.
Security with firewalls can be fine-tuned to prevent certain types of traffic as well. If management would like to block social media sites, or weapons related sites for example, the firewall can be programmed to watch for those types of packets and block them instantly. The user is alerted it’s a blocked site and cannot access it.

Firewall Security Packages

Because firewalls are so important they are on the top of our Top 10 List of IT issues. Implementing a firewall is not easy so we have developed two programs for this security offering. The first program is an outright purchase of the product and installation. After that the burden is upon the customer to maintain the product. The second method is as a security managed service. In this approach we charge only a small monthly fee and we are responsible for purchasing, installing updating and maintaining the unit at all times. Many of our smaller customers who want to preserve cash as well as not be burdening by maintaining such an important piece of their IT security plan often go with this managed firewall approach.

Select the Right Security Appliance

Be sure to pick the right type of Firewall when installing. There are cheap products and more established products like anything else. In regards to your company security and technology needs, EisnerAmper recommends you do not select the cheap alternative for this solution. Pick a robust product that has a good reputation and is established as a security hardware solution provider exclusively. One of our favorites is Watchguard and we are an authorized vendor of this product as well.

Firewall Experts

Firewall Security solutions are top of mind with any organization and their technology teams. At EisnerAmper we have been keeping up with all IT security solutions and have found particular products and solutions that are appropriate for small to medium businesses and their particular security solutions needed. Our track record of 30+ years in business shows we are dedicated to our customer success and they are dedicated to us. If we can help design a new security solution or even evaluate your current security solution please sign up for a risk free evaluation today!