Enterprise Risk Assessment

Protect the Enterprise with a Risk Assessment

Much like a visit to your financial planner, an enterprise risk assessment (ERA) serves to diagnose an organization’s current processes and strategies for ongoing relevance while providing an opportunity for a fresh look into areas of missed opportunity.

No Stone Left Unturned

By taking a holistic approach that addresses risk from a variety of perspectives, we provide meaningful observations and recommendations to support the actions of key decision makers. The output of the ERA provides an early warning to potential organizational threats while also identifying opportunities for growth and optimization.ERA Webpage Graphic_Chart 1.png

Who We Serve and Our ERA Approach

Our team of industry professionals have advised a multitude of clients with meaningful and prioritized recommendations meant to drive change and investment for the betterment of the organizations we serve.

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Meet Your Enterprise Risk Guides

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Nina Kelleher

Nina is the National Leader for Risk Advisory services and is a Financial Services industry SME with over 15 years’ experience.

Jerry Ravi

As Partner and National Practice Leader for EisnerAmper Digital, Jerry’s credo is to help clients transform risk into opportunities for growth.

Michael Rose

As a partner and National Practice Leader for the firm’s CFIUS Advisory Services, Michael is a thought leader with over 35 years of experience.