Culture at EisnerAmper

Joining EisnerAmper means being part of an organization that is client-focused, accountable, principled and relationship-oriented. Those core traits permeate everything we do, and set the tone for day-to-day life at the firm. Every member of the EisnerAmper team is passionate about rolling up their sleeves and working hard to help clients get down to the business of building success. Daily life at the firm is fast-paced, varied, collaborative, and organized around shared accomplishment – with our clients and each other.

We recognize, of course, that those considering EisnerAmper as an employer will bring different priorities to their search, depending on their background, point of view, and personal or professional goals. To foster an environment that encourages individual advancement, the firm sponsors a number of initiatives which acknowledge those differences, and support the benefits that can come when people of similar interests work together.

Women of EisnerAmper

To provide an environment for women to fulfill their career and life objectives and to advance within the firm, we draw upon the expertise of both EisnerAmper’s female partnership, and some of the brightest women working in business today. The Women of EisnerAmper is a formal group, offering panel discussions, round tables, and networking event partnerships as well as coaching and mentoring opportunities on areas of interest such as building successful business relationships and work/life balance.


Our workplace is where cultures, ideas and experiences come together to create new solutions. Through ongoing recruitment and professional development efforts, we actively cultivate a workplace which both reflects and respects differences. EisnerAmper embraces a diverse environment and offers a safe, collaborative workplace that values multiple perspectives.

Friends of the Firm

To assist finance, accounting, and HR executives who are currently looking for a new position – generally former clients or those introduced by an EisnerAmper employee – we operate Friends of the Firm. The program functions as a networking and recruiting program designed to build relationships between EisnerAmper, candidates, and participating businesses, working with over 1,000 executive-level candidates and dozens of companies across the country.

Learning and Development

To help business professionals stay current on matters impacting financial reporting, business taxation, personal taxation and other business disciplines, EisnerAmper offers complimentary continuing professional education experience – for clients, alumni and other friends of the firm. Courses are available on a CPE-credit or non-credit basis and offer attendees the opportunity to learn from our professionals’ perspectives and industry expertise.

Campus Recruiting

EisnerAmper actively recruits talented accounting students at many schools across the U.S. for entry-level and internship positions for all office locations. We have a robust recruiting and hiring process, and our college representatives attend campus events year-round. To learn more about our college recruiting program, click here.