EisnerAmper: A Combination of Complementary Firms

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The new EisnerAmper is based on the synergy of the cultures of its founding firms.   Eisner LLP and Amper, Politziner and Mattia, LLP shared a history of organic growth and a go-to-market strategy based on partner participation at every stage of client engagements. The two firms combined in August 2010.  “Our firms focused on putting quality first. That hasn’t changed”, says Howard Cohen, EisnerAmper’s Chairman. “EisnerAmper delivers on our promise of quality through our commitment to exceptional client service provided by our talented professionals.”


The combination of two great firms has set the stage for growth based on aligned strategies. Each firm’s major practice groups are remarkably complementary and its niche practices allow it to bring an even greater diversity of offerings to its clients. “As a result of the combination, several EisnerAmper practices will grow significantly”, says Charly Weinstein, EisnerAmper’s Chief Executive Officer, citing as an example the firm’s offerings to public companies.  “Several practices will grow through the addition of new areas of expertise such as banking to our financial services portfolio and construction into the real estate practice”, he said.  In other instances practices previously unique to each firm, such as sports, entertainment, automotive and clean tech are now reaching out to a broader base of EisnerAmper clients.

Combined and Complementary Practices are the Blueprint for Growth 

The firm’s public companies practice is a clear example of the effect of combined strength and the benefits that flow through to clients. The new firm now offers services to more than 150 public companies, making it one of the leading providers of these services in the industry. These clients gain access to a broad array of services, including audit, tax, benefit plan audits, internal audit and a wide range of risk management services.  The ability to tap the financial markets is also a key requirement of many clients. “Coming out of the current economic turmoil we see an upturn in activity with private equity financings beginning to spark an increase in IPOs  resulting in the need for companies  to prepare themselves for the public markets”, Weinstein said. “Our expertise in all areas of public and private finance, including significant SEC experience, makes us ideally suited to assist entrepreneurs with exciting new concepts or well established middle-market companies ready to pursue capital for expansion or acquisition.”

Perhaps the best example of the impact of the new firm’s complementary practices is in the area of financial services where there is now an array of expanded offerings that makes the firm nationally recognized. Financial services is the firm’s largest practice with sector strengths  in providing audit, tax and business advisory services to hedge funds, private equity firms, venture capital companies, broker/dealers, investment advisors, insurance companies and banks. EisnerAmper’s reputation as a leading service provider is firmly established not only within financial markets but with portfolio companies that require entrée to capital markets. These companies increasingly rely on EisnerAmper for guidance on a host of corporate finance issues including due diligence, valuation, mergers and acquisitions, international tax, compliance and regulatory assistance.

These same corporate services are brought to bear across the range of EisnerAmper’s other practices such as litigation services, tax advisory, not-for-profit among many others. Howard Cohen sums it up, “Our strategy has created a suite of services that are integrated in a way that permits EisnerAmper to commit the resources and talents of our professionals efficiently and effectively, allowing them to deliver world-class client service while retaining the personalized attention upon which the firm’s reputation was built.”

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