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Edo Pollack is the Director of U.S. Services in Israel and he is a member of the Financial Services Group. Edo has over 15 years of experience serving both the commercial and financial services sectors. He provides services to both start-ups and well-established clients, including a broad range of asset managers, their funds and their portfolio companies. He is involved in the structuring of investment funds and related entities, as well as in providing advice on the tax complexities of financial products, real estate and investment strategies.

Edo’s interest in domestic enterprises operating in foreign regions led to his development of the Israel-based team. Currently, he leads the operations from the firm’s Tel Aviv office.

Edo plays an integral role for clients, advising them as they raise capital, structure their investments and prepare individually for relocation.

While based in the United States, Edo played an active role in the New York Society for Certified Public Accountants, including serving as vice-chair of the chapter’s annual conference. Currently, he supports Ezer Mizion, Israel’s largest health support organization.

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