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Blogs June 03, 2021 Strategies to Finance Your Dental Practice

Most dentists establishing a dental practice for the first time need a loan to help them get started. We discuss 4 types of loans that are available to dentists.

Blogs May 17, 2021 Dental Practice Coding and Billing Improvements: 3 Tips to Increase Your Bottom Line

Three tips to increase your bottom line for dental practice coding and billing improvements.

Blogs May 12, 2021 Retirement Plans for Dental Offices: An Introduction

With markets shifting and employee expectations shifting along with them, choosing the retirement plan that will best fit your specific dental practice can be difficult.

Blogs May 04, 2021 What Type of Entity Should a Dentist Choose When Starting a Practice?

The type of Entity a Dentist generally chooses when starting a dental practice includes standard C-Corp which pays its own income taxes and is a completely separate entity from the owners. S-Corp which pays no federal income taxes and a Partnership.…

Blogs April 30, 2021 Dental practice front office DOs and DON'Ts

There are a number of jobs that are expected of the front office staff, and in a small dental practice, there are usually one or two people doing all of that work. Not having enough front office staff can compromise your business

Blogs April 22, 2021 Best Practices for Dental Practice Revenue Cycle Management

Cash flow is always top of mind for dental practices; after all, it’s the lifeblood of a healthy practice. Along with providing outstanding patient care, your long-term success relies on timely payments from insurance carriers and patients and accura…

Blogs April 21, 2021 Tips to Grow Your Dental Practice and Avoid a Stagnant Income

Dental revenue has remained relatively flat in recent years, leading many dentists to wonder if the industry as a whole is in decline.

Blogs April 13, 2021 Considerations When Selling Your Dental Practice to a DSO

But what goes into the process of selling to a DSO? Here's what you need to know to ensure a seamless transition.

Blogs April 12, 2021 How to Conduct a Fair Salary Review at Your Dental Practice

At certain times of the year – perhaps at year-end or on each employee’s work anniversary – you will need to review the compensation of your dental staff.