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Our Dealer Insights Newsletter is for dealership owners, managers and CFOs.  Each issue covers a broad range of tax, accounting, management, technology, organizational, and financial planning issues affecting the automotive industry.

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Articles June 01, 2017 Cost Management: Boost Profits by Shrinking Expenses

At most dealerships, there’s a strong emphasis on increasing sales – and rightly so. Having more vehicle sales usually translates to increased revenue and potentially higher profits. But there’s another side to the profit equation - expenses.

Articles June 01, 2017 Spotlighting Performance: How KPIs can Keep Your Store on Track

An objective and effective way to measure operational performance is by establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) and following them closely. Here are some typical dealership KPIs, along with sample industry benchmarks.

Articles June 01, 2017 Could Your Dealership Benefit from an Advisory Board?

It’s not always easy being the boss. Sometimes the demands of ownership can become overwhelming. An advisory board can provide great wisdom and insight. Whom should you invite?

Articles June 01, 2017 Help Wanted: Skilled Service Technicians

The average new car or truck contains up to 50 different computers which has significantly bumped up the skill level required of service technicians and made it difficult to find workers who possess the necessary skill sets. Here's how some dealersh…

Articles April 30, 2017 4 Questions You Should Ask Your CPA

Many dealership owners view their external accountant simply as the 'number-cruncher' who reviews or compiles financial statements and prepares tax returns. But don’t forget: He or she can also help sort out other financial issues at your dealership.…

Articles April 30, 2017 Why Strategic Planning is Crucial for Your Dealership

The tasks and responsibilities that go along with owning an automobile dealership can sometimes be overwhelming. There are a number of different matters to focus on as you conduct dealership strategic planning. Here are a few areas where you can star…

Articles April 30, 2017 Divide and Conquer: Separate Real Estate Entities can be Advantageous

If your dealership owns the building it’s in and the land it’s on, you might literally be sitting on unnecessary risks. But separating your business from those possessions can help protect you from an assortment of liabilities. And making it happen i…

Articles April 30, 2017 Fuel Economy Debate: Will CAFE Standards be Upheld - or Changed?

The CAFE standards will significantly reduce U.S. oil consumption and greenhouse gas emissions when fully implemented, according to the EPA and NHTSA. But there’s a cost involved in achieving the standards.

Articles January 17, 2017 Vehicle Quality is Rising - and You Can Benefit

Given the strong correlation between initial vehicle quality and customer loyalty, dealerships should look for opportunities to turn high levels of quality and loyalty into more repeat business. Here's how.