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Blogs October 21, 2022 How to Have ‘Safe Banking’

In this latest installation from Cybersecurity Corner, you’ll get tips on minimizing risk related to your personal bank accounts.

Blogs October 17, 2022 Mid-Market Tech: Traveling

The first in our Cybersecurity Corner series looks at the ins and outs of travelling and safely accessing the internet.

Blogs October 06, 2022 Why Email Protocol is a Must for Businesses

Email has come a long way, revolutionizing the way people and various organizations interact with each other. However, security breaches tied to unsafe emails are causing billions of dollars in total losses, and the number of victims has increased ex…

Blogs August 22, 2022 Internet of Things: What You Need to Know

Digital assistants and their corresponding devices have become common place in most homes. But with all the convenience they provide, they are also perfect targets for security breaches.

Blogs June 02, 2022 Cybersecurity: How Safe Is Your Family Office?

A recap of an EisnerAmper webinar focused on the cybersecurity concerns facing contemporary family offices, including mitigation strategies.

Blogs May 04, 2022 URL Hijacking – Using a Fake URL to Trick Users

One of the many techniques used by bad actors for social engineering is URL hijacking. This post examines the practice and provides some advice on mitigating that risk.

Blogs April 28, 2022 Endpoint Detection Response (EDR): A New Way to Protect Your Endpoints

This post examines endpoint detection and response, better known as EDR, as an emerging primary security tool to protect company endpoints

Blogs April 20, 2022 It’s Time to Consider Cybersecurity Risk for Employee Benefit Plans

Headlines remind business leaders of the risks surrounding cybersecurity and the consequences of either a cyberattack or data breach. The benefit plan industry is no different, but there are steps that can be taken.

Blogs April 12, 2022 Redefining Your Cybersecurity Program to Meet Current Demands

At the recent FRA Annual Master Client Services and RFPs for Institutional Investors Conference, a trio of panelists shared the importance of financial services firms having robust cybersecurity measures.