Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity continues to be a priority subject in board rooms and with regulators. The news is full of companies falling victim to new attacks, including middle-market and small companies who felt they were too small to be a target. The professionals of EisnerAmper can educate you and help you avoid or fend off a breach, as well as determine appropriate remediation steps.

Management and the board of directors should have a view into the various programs and security controls of the organization along with annual planning to address weaker areas and test programs and processes to identify vulnerabilities. Our cyber risk services provide a high-level view of risks facing your organization or the response needed if an incident occurs.

Cyber Risk Assessments

Utilizing NIST information security standards, we perform an assessment to gauge your cyber risk today and to help identify areas for improvement. 

Information Security Policy and Procedure Support

Our professionals conduct a company-wide review of policies and procedures and create or update policies as needed. 

Network and Application Vulnerability Testing and Scanning

We conduct appropriate network penetration and vulnerability assessments and/or application code review as needed. 

Compromise Assessment Services - Malware and Malicious Code Remediation

We detect and determine the extent of malware infections and malicious code insertions within the environment from underlying configuration factors requiring immediate remediation to prevent further code insertion, malicious program propagation and the creation of backdoors to your network. 

Information Security Effectiveness Reviews

We assess the effectiveness of current information security measures against malware, unauthorized IT tool installations and other risky end-user computer activities across all OS platforms using lite collection scripts. 

Security Awareness and Training

We provide full-service employee information security awareness training. 

Digital Forensic and Incident/Data Breach Response Services

We perform a full range of digital forensic services across all operative systems, databases and devices with our forensic professionals located across multiple geographic locations and laboratory facilities. 

Post-Incident Security Monitoring Services - Hacker Remediation and Employee Lockout Services

We deploy agents and services to programmatically monitor internal and external threats (hackers and employees alike) from network and other system log events.