2014 CPT Code Changes Reflect Advanced Technology

The 2014 Current Procedural Terminology® (CPT) has been updated to include advancements in health care technology.  There are 335 CPT code changes that reflect recent developments in surgical, medical, and diagnostic services.  The new CPT code set is available now, and should be used for claims beginning with the date of service January 1, 2014.  These CPT codes are utilized to identify procedures and services performed by physicians and other clinicians.

Approximately 25% of the changes occur in the gastroenterology section.  This follows a two-year effort to accurately reflect improvements in endoscopy devices, procedures and techniques.  The advancements include miniaturization, powerful optical magnification and new imaging technologies that lead to minimally invasive upper gastrointestinal endoscopic surgical procedures.

Additional enhancements for 2014 due to advancements in technology include new and revised CPT codes for breast biopsies and imaging, cardiology, and vascular embolization procedures.  The cardiology expansions are a continuation from last year’s extensive increase in procedures that are now more specific to the service rendered and assist in data reporting for tracking purposes.

The section on molecular pathology, which focuses on the progress, development, and evolution of diseases on the molecular level, has an additional 316 tests within the CPT code descriptors.  Molecular pathology is used both to identify genetic disease indicators and test specimens to determine susceptibility to specific cancer treatments.

In addition to technology, the new CPT codes reflect growing societal trends.  Physicians can now select CPT codes for interprofessional telephone or internet consultations with colleagues.  Keep in mind that selecting a CPT code does not guarantee reimbursement from an insurance carrier.

For more information on CPT codes, please visit the American Medical Association website.


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