Confidential IPO's are now open to life science and emerging technology companies since under the Jobs Act provision changes.

Confidential IPOs Now Open to All Companies


Peter Bible, EisnerAmper Partner and Chief Risk Officer, discusses the SEC’s decision to expand confidential IPO availability beyond just emerging companies. Peter covers the history that gave rise to the provision in the Jobs Act for confidential IPO filings and how, on July 10, the requirement as to the size of the company had changed. Now, every company that’s considering going public can avail themselves of confidential IPO treatment. When submitting an S1 (the IPO document) for review, a company of any size can declare whether or not it wants its IPO to be treated as a confidential. Peter then discusses the pros and cons of this approach, which sectors are particularly excited about this ruling, a few well-known companies that have successfully used this strategy, and what advice he’d give to a client interested in going the confidential IPO route.




Dave Plaskow: Hello, and welcome to EisnerAmper’s podcast series, where we try to dig a little deeper on accounting and finance issues facing business professionals and their clients. Today’s topic is confidential IPO filings now open to all companies. I’m your host Dave Plaskow and with us today is Peter Bible EisnerAmper Partner and Chief Risk Officer. Peter, welcome. 

Peter Bible: Thank you, Dave. It’s nice to be here.

Peter Bible is EisnerAmper's Chief Risk Officer, responsible for risk management, SEC services, strategic thought leadership, regulatory relations and inspection groups. Peter works with the Professional Practice Group to assure compliance.

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