Not-for-profit boards often use limited resources to tackle challenges such as   succession planning and cybersecurity.

Trying to Do Well While Doing Good


In this EisnerAmper podcast, Candice Meth, National Leader for EisnerAmper’s Not-for-Profit Services Practice, gives Dave Plaskow some insight on the concerns of Not-for-Profit board members. They also discuss EisnerAmper’s annual survey, Concerns About Risks Confronting Boards, which covers addressing risk and crisis planning, succession planning, the disconnect between not-for-profit boards and management, sustainability, and cybersecurity as it pertains to Not-for-Profits.


Dave Plaskow: Hello, and welcome to EisnerAmper’s podcast series on concerns about risk confronting boards. This is based on EisnerAmper’s annual survey that gains insight into the issues that are top of mind in today’s board rooms. I’m your host, Dave Plaskow. With us today is Candice Meth, National Leader for EisnerAmper’s Not-for-Profit Services Practice, and she’s going to give us some valuable insight on the concerns of not-for-profit board members. Candice, welcome, and thanks very much for being here.

Candice Meth: Great to be here, Dave.

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Candice Meth is the National Leader for the firm’s Not-for-Profit Services Practice with experience in oversight of the audits of the financial statements and employee benefit plans of various types of not-for-profit entities.

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