Comprehensive Financial Planning

The overwhelming task of organizing the financial aspects of your life may prompt you to seek the assistance of a professional. We can help you see the big picture. Oftentimes, setting and reaching your financial goals means working with an advisor who sees the big picture and can help move you in the right direction. Comprehensive financial planning is the process of evaluating an individual’s financial profile, risk exposure and cash flow to determine if goals and objectives are realistic and attainable.

Our clients value our objective, fee-only advice, focused on goal achievement and cost-effective implementation. EisnerAmper Wealth Advisors aspire to maintain long-standing relationships built on client service. To this end, we provide a full range of customized financial planning services to high-net-worth individuals. We address all areas of an individual’s financial planning needs, including the following:

Cash flow management, balance sheet analysis and debt management

Long-term cash flow analysis is the first step in determining your ability to accumulate the assets necessary to fund lifetime needs. We consider and forecast compensation, living expenditures, tax costs, capital acquisitions, optimal debt use, inflation impact, investment returns and annual savings required to accumulate necessary balances.

Retirement and equity compensation planning

We help clients maximize their available benefits. This could include base and incentive compensation, equity compensation plans, qualified and nonqualified retirement plans, life and health insurance, long-term disability income plans and other benefit plans. We analyze your current and projected total compensation and benefits as part of your retirement cash flow to assist in long-term financial planning.

Income tax planning

Our professionals provide thoughtful advice to minimize tax exposure, while considering investment objectives and business considerations. Our step-by-step, 360-degree process incorporates tax planning as a component of your entire financial plan.

Risk management and insurance planning

Individuals often have too little, too much or the wrong types of insurance coverage. Selecting the proper insurance coverage becomes even more challenging when considering asset replacement objectives, funding long-term family needs and other risk-management exposures. Just like all aspects of any comprehensive plan, you must consider insurance when addressing your long-term goals.

Our professionals evaluate your current living expenses and balance sheet to determine the cost for the family to continue its lifestyle in the event of an untimely death or disability. We then determine how much and what kinds of insurance are prudent. We work with you to build an insurance strategy that minimizes risk. We review long-term disability income needs and income replacement, the viability of long-term care insurance, the adequacy of property and casualty coverage, and the risk of professional liability exposures.

Investment planning

We utilize the knowledge obtained from our in-depth analysis of your cash flow forecast and balance sheet positions to design an investment plan tailored to your needs and goals. Our custom investment policy statement incorporates your risk tolerance, required average annual rate of return and investment time horizon.

We meticulously document your objectives, allocation guidelines, procedures for selecting and monitoring money managers or mutual funds, and securities guidelines. We design and document an optimal investment asset allocation attendant to your objectives and documented investment policies, considering long term- capital market assumptions.

Taking that holistic approach, we can then help select money management structures of funds to implement the asset allocation model. We help negotiate appropriate minimum investment balances and fees with managers and funds; we rebalance your portfolio and, if necessary, we can adjust retirement plan and concentrated equity positions.

Education funding

According to experts, the cost of a college education is increasing at a rate far outstripping the current rate of inflation. With this in mind, accumulating an education fund balance with an appropriate asset allocation is a critical step in your financial plan. We help you evaluate 529 plans, gifting strategies, and other vehicles and techniques to meet your education funding goals.

Estate and gift tax planning

As you accumulate assets, effective management and estate planning help secure your financial future— making sure that tax exposure is minimized, and estate plan objectives and asset transfer goals are documented. We review your wills, trusts and estate plans to make sure planning goals and gifting strategies are effective and tax efficient. We also examine your current ownership of assets and liabilities, beneficiary designations, the titling of life insurance, and equity compensation plan provisions to minimize unintended consequences.