Center for Individual and Organizational Performance

Podcast January 18, 2023 Real Estate Impact of Remote Workers

Amy Menist joins Tim Schuster on The Bottom Line podcast, where they discuss the top trends in real estate due to the rise in remote workers. This podcast also discusses what employees and employers should consider regarding purchasing versus renting…

Podcast December 19, 2022 Remote Work Considerations During the Hiring Process

A discussion on the impactful remote work trends and implications business and HR leaders need to consider throughout the entire hiring process to ensure they’re finding the right fit.

Podcast August 03, 2022 Future Planning: Tax Strategies for Family Offices

In this episode with EisnerAmper host Michael Morris, EisnerAmper Tax Director Daniel Krauss highlights key tax strategies and planning opportunities for family offices and high-net-worth individuals.

Podcast April 07, 2022 Maximizing the “Value” of a College Education

An interview on the importance of understanding the true cost of a college education and what options should parents and children consider when evaluating college choices?

Podcast March 14, 2022 Human Resource Trends for Manufacturing and Distribution Companies

A discussion on the challenges and trends affecting recruitment and retaining talent in the Manufacturing & Distribution Industry.

Podcast March 01, 2022 Insurance, Cybersecurity and Your Business

Tim Schuster is joined by Steve Edelstein from USI Insurance Services to discuss Cyber Security insurance and why it’s important for your business to be proactive in setting up cyber security measures.

Podcast January 31, 2022 How Much Do You Get to Keep?

A discussion on taxes on a business sale. There are two certainties in life: death and taxes. And in this episode, we discuss some tax strategies to consider in the sale of a business.

Podcast January 17, 2022 Congratulations! You Sold Your Business

In this episode of The Bottom Line, Tim Schuster is joined by Lisë Stewart and Alan Wink to discuss what a business owner should do after they sell their business.

Podcast January 05, 2022 Simple Assessments

In this podcast Natalie McVeigh, Managing Director in the Center for Individual and Organizational Performance, discusses Simple Assessments; DISC or MBTI, for example.