Our Friend of the Firm program provides candidates job opportunities in accounting, tax, finance and audits plus access to a dedicated LinkedIn site.

For Candidates

What is a Friend of the Firm Candidate?
A friend of the firm is any finance, accounting, tax or HR executive who is interested in the resources available through EisnerAmper’s Friends of the Firm program.

What benefits does the program offer for Candidates?
Our friends of the firm program gives you access to the following resources:

  • Job search support (i.e. resume writing, LinkedIn, coaching, general support)
  • Invitations to EisnerAmper sponsored continuing professional education (CPE) events
  • Networking opportunities with EisnerAmper professionals and other Friends of the Firm
  • An EisnerAmper LinkedIn site, dedicated to job seekers
  • Access to job opportunities at EisnerAmper clients, friends of the firm recruiting agencies and other companies we network with
  • A dedicated team of Friends of the Firm Ambassadors to support you as you progress through your search.
  • Access to technical and industry audit, tax and accounting experts
  • An enhanced relationship with EisnerAmper, one of the largest regional CPA firms in the Northeast.

How do I become a friend of the firm Candidate?
Friends of the firm are generally referred or sponsored by an EisnerAmper Partner or employee. Once admitted, friends of the firm will receive special CPE invitations, will be eligible to apply for friends of the firm job postings and will receive introductions to technical experts within the firm. We hope that the resources we are offering to candidates will help you build or maintain a relationship with our firm.

How do I enroll in the program?
To enroll in the program, simply send a quick note with your resume indicating your interest in the program to Jennifer Rosener, one of our Friends of the Firm Ambassadors. Jennifer's email is