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Tax savings are a universal financial goal and our Tax Services group exists to help clients effectively take advantage of the full range of tax-efficient options available as well as the development of ongoing tax strategies for long-term benefit.

Our Business Tax Quarterly newsletter offers tax professionals and business leaders updates and analysis about news and views on corporate-tax-related topics throughout the year.  Our Business Tax Quarterly is supplemented throughout the year with periodic Tax Alerts.


Articles May 18, 2021 The Employee Retention Tax Credit – Could Every Small/Medium-Sized Business Benefit?

The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 allowed businesses that received PPP funds to still qualify for the ERC. This article outlines the benefits available to eligible employers as well as the interplay between the ERC and the PPP.

Articles May 18, 2021 The Crypto Resurgence -- Key Tax Issues

The quick appreciation in crypto prices has resurrected the public’s interest in the related tax issues. This article features insight into some of the most common digital asset transactions and how they are usually treated under current U.S. tax law…

Articles December 11, 2020 Key Considerations of GILTI High Tax Exclusion Final Regulations

Taxpayers have the option of retroactively applying the GILTI high tax exclusion to the taxable years beginning after December 31, 2017 and before July 23, 2020. This articles examines the ‘whys and hows’ of the process.

Articles December 11, 2020 Post-Election Business Tax – What’s on the Horizon?

This articles features discussion of the likely tax landscape, post-election and over the next few years.

Articles February 01, 2020 Business Tax Quarterly Suggested Readings - Winter 2020

This Business Tax Quarterly discusses Hobby vs Business and several Tax Considerations Before Selling a Business.

Articles February 01, 2020 Three Main Criteria for Turning a Hobby into a Business

A discussion about the differences between a hobby and a business as they relate to taxation –and when it may be time to convert.

Articles February 01, 2020 Four Tax Considerations Before Selling a Business

The current tax regime may have owners of middle-market companies thinking of selling their business. 2020 promises a testy election season; a change in the political balance could mean significant tax changes. This article features a review of the …

Articles February 01, 2020 Business Tax Quarterly Executive Summary Winter 2020

Two business matters are discussed including what are Four Tax Considerations Before Selling a Business, and three Main Criteria for Turning a Hobby into a Business.

Articles November 26, 2019 Tax Considerations of New Lease Accounting Rule ASC 842

A discussion of the tax impact of lease accounting rule ASC 842, including Finance vs. Operating Leases, accounting and tracking impacts, and state-level impacts