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Articles July 03, 2019 Three Biggest Surprises of the R&D Tax Credit

There are 3 surprises of the R&D Tax Credit. Technology companies as well aas emerging and established businesses across diverse industries may also take advantage of this benefit.

Articles July 02, 2019 Two Big Missteps of Previous Cryptocurrency Winners Cryptocurrency’s resurgence compels tax education

Cryptocurrency is moving into the mainstream and should compel individuals to familiarize themselves with cryptocurrency’s tax treatment in order to avoid mistakes.

Articles July 01, 2019 Business Tax Quarterly Suggested Readings - Summer 2019

The IRS is stepping up reinforcement on cryptocurrency transactions. Facebook Cryptocurrency and the libra announcement is discussed.

Articles July 01, 2019 Business Tax Quarterly Executive Summary

Research and development tax credit and cryptocurrency are discussed in this summer issue. Businesses with the wrong information risk tax exposure or potentially leaving dollars on the table.

Articles March 25, 2019 Business Tax Quarterly Executive Summary - Spring 2019

Leveraging certain classifications in business transactions can yield tremendous tax savings. For C corporations, the designation of a personal goodwill claim can sidestep double taxation in a traditional corporate sale.

Articles March 25, 2019 3 Ways to Determine ‘Contractor vs. Employee’ Classification

Across most industries and entity structures, companies hire independent contractors. While the advantages may seem obvious businesses may face tax and legal exposure if worker classification fails to hold up under a federal or state challenge.

Articles March 21, 2019 Business Tax Quarterly Suggested Readings - Spring 2019

Employers don’t have a single rule to follow when it comes to worker classification. The U.S. Department of Labor maintains one test, while federal courts have devised their own and employers must consider state and local laws carefully.

Articles March 21, 2019 4 Questions to Assess ‘Personal Goodwill’ in a C Corporation Asset Sale

With M&A activity on the rise, corporations may be looking for the most tax-advantageous exit strategy. The right professional team will provide insights for structuring a corporate sale in the most tax-efficient way.

Articles December 13, 2018 Business Tax Quarterly Executive Summary - Winter 2018

The last quarter of the year brings heightened focus for public companies. Learn how to stay ahead of end-of-year tax provision reporting—and the new meals and entertainment deduction rules—in this roundup of key takeaways from the new tax law.